Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree
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Corinna and I spent some time setting up our Christmas Tree tonight… It is so awesome! Our generic to unique ornament ratio is pretty bad right now, but I’m sure before too long we’ll have too many ornaments to actually put on the tree… :)

I just dumped a buttload of random phonecam pics into my Flickr Photostream. I had a bunch of them sitting on the phone dating back to before our trip to Spain and figured it was about time to get them handled…

Donde esta la zapateria?

Spain was totally awesome…  We had such a great time, both hanging out with old friends around the wedding and then cruising around Spain, France, and the Pyrenees in our rented Peugeot.  More details to come, but I’ve started putting photos from the trip up on Flickr.  That’s about half the photos right now, and the second half will come soon to that same spot.

Ben and Aimee

Ben and Aimee
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Ben and Aimee’s wedding was this weekend. The whole affair went off pretty smoothly, but it also kept me rather busy. Everyone here at work is asking how my long weekend was, and I have to let them know that it was more of a short weekend… More accurately, it was a weekend with periods of partying punctuating a hum of stress and schlepping. But what else can you expect from a wedding… :)

and I arrived in Jersey around midnight after work on Thursday. Friday, Ben and his family (who I hadn’t met before) arrived, so we entertained them and kept the 4 dogs (two are my parents’ and two are Ben & Aimee’s) in line. Saturday was the rehearsal dinner, and so we were moving food and drinks over to the hall for a lot of that day. But once we were set up, it was great seeing all the family and friends who had come out for the wedding.

Sunday was the big day, and I was standing with Ben, which required me to get into a tuxedo for the first time in my life. The ceremony was at 11:30, but we had to get over to Bretton Woods for pictures and whatnot by 9:30. The weather held out for pretty much the whole day, although it started getting overcast after the ceremony, but we were inside at that point. Everyone seemed to have a great time.. Ben and Aimee seemed so comfortable; Television and movies have taught me that people are supposed to freak out before their wedding, but these kids had it together.

Monday was very relaxing, we spent the day on the boat and caught Superman Returns at night. That movie was fantastic… People seem rather polarized by it, but I thought it was great.

Anyway, there are tons of pics of the weekend up on Flickr, so if you care, take a gander. I also created a Flickr group for the wedding, so if you think you should have access to that drop a line to Aimee or myself.

Yay Poor Withholding Values!

How fitting….. The check I wrote to pay my taxes is #666. :)

I used ljArchive to sync my entire journal to my PC and then exported it as XML files. I then grepped through those XML files looking for the the old gallery URL, so now I have an index of how many image links are broken (76, if you are curious, which is far better than I expected) with my move to Flickr. I will probably tackle these next weekend, but in the interim I added a mod_rewrite directive to redirect any traffic to the old Gallery URL (or any of it’s subdomains) to my Flickr photos (it won’t redirect to the proper photo or anything fancy like that, but at least it gives people a slightly better result than a 404.


After many evenings of work, I have finally moved all of the photos that were contained in my Gallery installation over to my Flickr account. I got sick of being Mr. Sysadmin and needing to keep Gallery up to date as new security advisories and bug fixes were released, so I figured the best plan was to let someone else do the heavy lifting. I’m actually rather pleased with Flickr so far, the interface that once put me off has grown on me, I like it’s simplicity. So anyway, I’m sure that tons of image links in this journal are now dead, hopefully I can find some way to simply track them down and fix them… Suggestions are welcome!


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drew this sketch of me at the party last night. Speaking of which, I threw myself a birthday party here at the apartment last night. And by “threw myself” I mean “Picked a date and watched do most of the work”. But anyway, it was a good time, we chowed down on some delicious pizza from Imperial, played some video games, and Corinna made me an AWESOME rum cake (I mean, who has rum cake for a birthday cake? I do.) We were still up for the time change and then some!

Oh yeah, my birthday.. thanks to all the well-wishers and gift-givers.. I got a bunch of great books, music, and DVDs this year. For my birthday present, Corinna took me out to dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club. I am not usually a fan of getting dressed up to eat, but it’s nice on occasion, and this was totally worth it. The food was completely delicious, the service was mind-blowing, and the bread pudding was unbelievable.

Tonight we are catching the Beastie Boys’ concert film, “Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That”, with the film club, which will hopefully be a blast

Edge of No Control

Last night’s Meat Beat Manifesto show at the Paradise was fantastic. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the show since I hadn’t seen them in a very long time (a decade plus?) and the past few albums have been mostly good but not great. But Jack and gang blew the doors of the place and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves… They played stuff from their whole backcatalog, but seemed to focus on the more upbeat stuff as opposed to the mellower stuff… It was a pretty intense 2+ hours…

Jon Whitney shot a bunch of video and did an interview with Jack for The Brainwashed Brain video segment “The Eye”, which will probably be up in a few weeks, and his friend Dan shot a whole bunch of stills of the show which came out great.

It’s a Dodge Ram

For quite some time I have been telling people the story of the “Dodge Ram”, but I have been unable to get pictures of it until yesterday. For the uninitiated, for a year or so now I have seen this Dodge Ram van parked on Western Ave. in Brighton. While seemingly an ordinary van in all other respects, this one has one unusual feature: The words “DODGE RAM” spelled out in block mailbox letter stickers on the back door of the van, where the factory plastic lettering would have been. I’m not certain why this individual felt the need to replace the (assumedly missing) Dodge lettering with the stickers, but it has cracked me up every single time I’ve seen it.

Picture of the van
Close-up of the lettering