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drew this sketch of me at the party last night. Speaking of which, I threw myself a birthday party here at the apartment last night. And by “threw myself” I mean “Picked a date and watched do most of the work”. But anyway, it was a good time, we chowed down on some delicious pizza from Imperial, played some video games, and Corinna made me an AWESOME rum cake (I mean, who has rum cake for a birthday cake? I do.) We were still up for the time change and then some!

Oh yeah, my birthday.. thanks to all the well-wishers and gift-givers.. I got a bunch of great books, music, and DVDs this year. For my birthday present, Corinna took me out to dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club. I am not usually a fan of getting dressed up to eat, but it’s nice on occasion, and this was totally worth it. The food was completely delicious, the service was mind-blowing, and the bread pudding was unbelievable.

Tonight we are catching the Beastie Boys’ concert film, “Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That”, with the film club, which will hopefully be a blast

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    1. The Beastie Boys film was great… I disagree with Salon, it definitely wasn’t “mostly shot by professionals”… The audience footage was intercut with pro footage, but I’d say it was closer to 40/60, which is a good thing, because after long stretches of the non-steadycam audience footage on the big screen my eyes started to get tired….

      I’m not a Neil Young fan, so I really didn’t have much interest in “Heart of Gold”

  1. That portrait is way more good looking than you are in real life, I would ask the DMV if you can change your license photo to that one :-)

  2. Hey, with you in another state, it is hard for me to fit in the brother/sister fun poking, so I have to use whatever means I have :-)

  3. Hey!! What a great portrait!! It is an incredible likeness!! Nice job Miss “RG”…Glad you had a great b’day!! Sounds like “the Club” treated you well, not to mention that wonderful lady of yours! Hope you are having a good week…talk to you soon! Can’t get through the user name stuff,,so I am not astalker…it’s your old lady!!

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