In case you care…

I am about to resume my calc studying now, and figured I would broadcast what I was listening to to play with SoundPlay’s built-in live streaming…

Point your mp3 player at if you are interested.

Update: You missed it… I needed to reboot, and only one person connected (from Cisco) during the 2 hours I was streaming (and they connected for 90 seconds), so I doubt anyone is upset that they missed it. :)

Mmmmm… Hotdogs…

Yummy! I just had some hotdogs out of the microwave. I officially ran out of debit last night, but it isn’t that big of a deal, because I really need to start getting rid of some of the food lying around here anyway. :)

Time to resume calc in a few minutes… I haven’t packed my shit up at all…. Saturday after my final is probably going to be rather busy.

Reading Day

Today is Reading Day, which means that people don’t have finals today (unless they are in night classes, or their teachers are douchebags). I know I will go nuts if I try to study for calc between now and Saturday straight, so I am going to attempt to come up with a gameplan as to how to throttle it so I don’t break.

I talked it over with Egon last night, and I have decided not to take my Chem final on Monday… The final blow was that it was all new material, as opposed to a cumulative final… This would require me doing tons of studying, and in order for the final to affect my final letter grade, I would need to score VERY well. I would rather focus my studying on Calc.

So now I only have saturday’s calc final left to deal with, so I think I am better off overall.

Thankfully, not much….

Got a ride back here from Ben after he woke up around 11am today… I chilled for awhile, ate some oatmeal, and then took a nap.. elph came by around 3-ish and we hung out, went to The Commons for some food and talk, and came back for some TV…. We ended up in Ethan’s room watching Jurassic Park and she left about an hour ago…

It is nice to have a day where you can just relax and chill with friends…. Tomorrow I need to do some calc work and study for my Data Comm exam on monday. For now, I am just being very lazy, and enjoying it…

All good people are asleep and dreaming

The next few days will be pretty busy…. I get my Calc exam back today, and I am both nervous and excited: What if I didn’t do as well as I expect? What if I did? These questions and more shall be settled in a few hours… :)

I also have to finish my term paper for Senior Seminar, and by finish I mean start. :) It needs to be 6 pages, double-spaced, and I am fairly familiar with the subject matter, so it should come together rather easily…. Probably a few hours tonight will finish it off.

Radiation vapor air

A bunch of us went out to MacGregor’s for some dinner and just to hang out. I was going to celebrate my performance on the Calc exam, but I think everyone else was just there for fun. :) We stayed there pretty late, and then we came back and watched Heathers, which is an amazing piece of 80s cinema. I am still amazed at the number of people who haven’t seen that film around here….

My back is a little sore, I ended up sleeping on the floor last night because Jen wasn’t really in the shape to drive, and since her car was stick no one else was really qualified to take her car back, so she stayed over and I let her take the bed… I am too nice of a guy. :)

I know Jen and I are going out in a few hours to check out Hannibal, and I am not quite sure who else is going with us… My Roommate, Jon Parise didn’t really express much interest in going, and he is planning on going apartment shopping with Ethan anyway…. I don’t know if Conlon is interested; He is getting a ride over with Jen later to work on his project, so I don’t know if he would want to give up work for some good old-fashioned cannibalistic fun. :)