Missing enough to feel alright…

Studying for my calc exam later today, but honestly, I think I am as prepared as I am gonna get. I have been doing problems for the past hour and change, and I am going to continue to do so until the exam at 4… I hate to say this, but I feel way more confident about this exam than my last, so… It doesn’t help that I have been doing really well on the quizzes of late. Maybe I can actually pull this class off for a change..


I got a great night’s sleep last night, for a change… I haven’t exactly gotten one of those in awhile, and it was very refreshing to not only be able to go to bed early-ish, but to also be able to sleep without interruption (for the most part) until I felt like getting up. I needed that… :)

There are lots of projects I want to work on for various reasons, but unfortunately this week is going to be mostly devoted to my Calculus exam on Thursday… On top of that, the asswipe will be giving us a quiz today! The thing that really, really, bothers me about this guy is this: He goes over a topic in class, and we have homework for that topic (he gave us all the homework for the quarter back in the beginning). The next time the class meets, he will go over any problems that students request from the homework, which is good. The bad thing is, however, that he also gives a quiz on the material the homework covered on the same day, so that if we did have trouble with the homework, we really don’t have a chance to go back and regroup… Grrr…

Anyway, I am gonna go grab some chow soon….

Late mornings rock.

I slept in way late this morning, but was woken up by a phone call from Chris. That’s ok, there are certain people allowed to wake me up. :)

I haven’t really gotten in swing yet, I need to prepare for Calc later today…. After that, there are a few things I want to tackle in AliveJournal… I am trying to get one little thing done on it every day, since I haven’t many large chunks of unassigned time in the past week or so..

Now, however, I am gonna go grab some chow.


I am just getting ready for my Calc class later, doing some studying and homework type stuff (we might have a quiz today)…

I have so many projects I want to work on, but I need to get some scholastic stuff out of the way first… My guess is that I won’t be working on AliveJournal until later this week… And since soco will probably be visiting this weekend, I might not have much time to do anything this weekend either….. Oh well, I am happy with the current release of AliveJournal, I haven’t gotten a single bug report about it, so I think that other people agree.. Still, I wish I could crank a few other simple requested features out and roll in some general improvements I have made since 1.5b… But y’all will have to wait. :)

Back to summations and series… :)

Just woke up….

That was a fairly refreshing sleep/wake cycle… :) I just finished reading my mail and my journals, and I should probably finish “getting up” now. My only class today is Calc, so I have time to relax and prepare for that…

I have had some good requests for features in AliveJournal, but I think I have currently resolved to stop using BeXL… I think it is a great tool for designing your GUI and laying out your widgets, but I think once you start writing derived GUI classes, it is too much of a pain to use them with BeXL. You either have to dance around BeXL, editing the source it generates each time it generates it, or write an addon for BeXL, which is a pain when you just need a one-off derived view…

What happens when you are writing a journal entry and the song changes halfway thru? Do you go with the earlier song, the later song, or the song that most accurately represents your feelings? I chose the latter. :)


I stopped waiting for the original author to do something with my patches to the BeOS LiveJournal client, so I decided to clean up everything I had, add a few more features (like posting to alternate journals, using alternate pictures, etc) and release it. AliveJournal was born. I think it is pretty decent software, and I will be continuing to maintain it for some time to come. You can see some screenshots here, if you are interested.

I have Calculus and a Gannett Lecture for Senior Seminar tonight. The last one was a yawner, but I was also really sick at the time. Hopefully it won’t be as bad tonight. :)

Unlike water, bits don’t weigh anything….

Today I met with my advisor for my CS Department “Exit Interview”. It was kinda bizarre; he mostly asked me questions about what I thought was good in the program, what I thought wasn’t. I got a neat little pocket knife on the way out that says “RIT Department of Computer Science” printed on it. Afterwards, I got my calc exam back today… I didn’t do wonderfully, but I didn’t completely tank it either. I still need to work really hard in order to pass the course, however.

I was feeling kinda burned out today, so I sat down to watch The Filth and the Fury after dinner. It is a documentary on the Sex Pistols, and I was fairly certain that My Roommate, Jon Parise wouldn’t want to watch it (mostly because he said so). So while he was teaching his lab, I popped it in. I am a sucker for documentaries, and ones on music, it was pretty good. It gave a good idea of the genesis of the band, and the punk movement in general. There was a second documentary on the disc about the Punk scene in general, which was interesting as well.

Survey: Calculus or Genital Mutilation…. Hmmm….

I just got back from my Calc exam…. I dunno how I did… If I answered the questions I could correctly, I probably did OK, but as I have learned in the past, I am not an accurate judge: I always THINK I answer the questions right….

I pray I did OK, because I don’t know what the hell I am gonna do if I don’t pass this class (being it’s my last quarter…..)

Damn that television, What a bad picture…

Why the hell am I still seeing Christmas ads? This is freaking bizarre, isn’t it bad enough they start before Thanksgiving, now they are keeping them past Christmas? Idiots.

I am studying for a upcoming Calc exam late this week. I figure it has been a few hours, I will take a break for a little while… The wood that my speakers is attached to are making an annoying noise hitting something else at certain frequencies (and volumes, heh heh). I haven’t listened to this CD in a while, it is still damn good.. :P

A bunch of people, including My Roommate, Jon Parise went skiing today. I am disappointed I couldn’t go, but I was trying to be responsible by staying home and using that time to prepare for the exam on Thursday…