Radiation vapor air

A bunch of us went out to MacGregor’s for some dinner and just to hang out. I was going to celebrate my performance on the Calc exam, but I think everyone else was just there for fun. :) We stayed there pretty late, and then we came back and watched Heathers, which is an amazing piece of 80s cinema. I am still amazed at the number of people who haven’t seen that film around here….

My back is a little sore, I ended up sleeping on the floor last night because Jen wasn’t really in the shape to drive, and since her car was stick no one else was really qualified to take her car back, so she stayed over and I let her take the bed… I am too nice of a guy. :)

I know Jen and I are going out in a few hours to check out Hannibal, and I am not quite sure who else is going with us… My Roommate, Jon Parise didn’t really express much interest in going, and he is planning on going apartment shopping with Ethan anyway…. I don’t know if Conlon is interested; He is getting a ride over with Jen later to work on his project, so I don’t know if he would want to give up work for some good old-fashioned cannibalistic fun. :)

2 thoughts on “Radiation vapor air

  1. I’m definately going to pass on the (early) movie. Ethan and I are going apartment shopping, and then we have our gym ritual. I’ll probably spend the rest of the evening working on my Web Site Design and Implementation final group project so that I can cross it off of my list.

    1. I forgot that it was gym day for you… Well, unless the movie blows chow, I will probably want to see it again, so we can always go in the future….

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