Weird Al keeps knocking them out of the park

I saw this little nugget buried toward the end of an article on Al over at Idolator.

And really, how can you not root for someone who sees the blinding absurdity in R. Kelly’s serial song poem “Trapped in the Closet”–and raises it by turning it into an 11-minute song about two people going to the drive-thru for some burgers? We can’t wait to see the video for that one.

For the best send-up of “Trapped in the Closet” ever, check the MP3 link at the bottom of that article.

Lewk is a Feeb

Let’s take a moment to thank , who managed to send a million message undeliverable notifications today; one for each message he has saved in the past year or so (to the author of said message). I alone got 100+!

In other news, the Nintendo DS Zelda game looks badass.