Pay it Forward

Last year, at Matt & Casey’s anniversary extravaganza, we had a little car accident due to some really wet ice.  Nobody was hurt, and there was only a little bumper scraping which occurred, but the person driving the car on the receiving end of our car was very nice and didn’t even want to exchange insurance information.  We were quite grateful.

Last night, after leaving the CfA, Howard and I were trying to pass the Sheraton Commander hotel in Harvard Square, but there was some Fire/Ambulance activity in front. Because of the emergency vehicles, a MBTA bus, which runs on overhead catenary wires couldn’t continue down the road.  We got a green light but after crossing the intersection approaching the hotel we were stopped.  The cars behind us ended up "blocking the box" and were jockeying to get out of the way of the cross traffic.  The car behind me tried to pull up along side me on the right to get out of the way, but ended up tapping my bumper.  I could tell it was a fairly non-event impact, and seeing the terrified eyes of the woman who hit us in the rear-view, I decided to let it slide and just continued on my way.  When I parked the car I assessed the damage, and it was a small amount of paint removed from my bumper, which is already very battle scarred from years of parking in Brighton.

Do unto others, or something…

Oh….. Fudge…..

I was pulling into my neighborhood yesterday and heard the dreaded sound of a flat tire. The tire had a slice on it’s sidewall on the INSIDE of the tire, which I don’t even understand. I pulled off to the side of the road to swap it out, jacked up the car, took off the lugs, and couldn’t get the wheel off. I called , who brought me a hammer and some work gloves. Wacked on the wheel with the hammer, stomped on it with my (lame) legs, and did everything I could to get the fucker off to no avail. I called AAA, who came in record time (10 minutes or so), but they couldn’t get it off either, and the tire wouldn’t hold air, so they called in a tow truck, which towed my car across the street (about 45 minutes later). So now I am waiting at home for them to call me, they estimated that it would be before noon, but who knows..

The god of headlamps hates me

I have replaced one or both of the headlamps in my car several times (4 or more) in the past 365 days… Yesterday I replaced my passenger side low beam. This morning while the car was warming up, the drivers side low beam blinked out. What the fuck is going on?

Please, don’t talk about getting hand oil or residue on the bulb, I’m fully aware of that and quite careful.