Gravity holds galaxies together…..

…..but 8am class rips my head apart…. :) Jetlag and this new schedule are working in concert to really make my life complicated right now. :) I assume that once my body readjusts to the timezone, and my mind adjusts to waking up at 7am instead of noon, things should get better.

It’s early in the quarter, so I am still in that “not much to do” state of mind…. I am going to leverage this to my advantage and do some Calculus this weekend… Man, I really wish I had a professor who spoke english. :) My classes this quarter don’t seem too bad so-far, but I guess that it is still a bit early to pass judgement.

In theory, Jon and I are headed back to Imaging Science around 12:30pm for another round of Junkyard Wars on the big screen. Unfortunately, right now I am less than motivated to do anything… :)

I am also going to try and wrap up my work on phase 1 of Drink (which means getting it back to the classic Drink functionality, dropping drinks over the network when asked to). It turns out that the TINI board does not support either ObjectOutputStream or ObjectInputStream. Of course, I would have known this had I just paid attention to the TINI API Differences. While the TINI API supports almost all of Java 1.1, there are a few differences. Fortunately, I was only using serialization in a handful of places, so I just have to hack out a different solution. I used Serialization because it was easy, not because it was necessary. :P

Here? Again???

Let me make a few things clear…. First of all, it is odd to recognize that one day you walk to the store down the street in shorts, and the next day you are dreaming of warm clothes as you wait for your ride from the airport…. Second, I have come to the realization that the human mind simply does not deal well with travelling long distances in short times.

I arrived in Rochester last night, and was ferried to RIT by My Roommate, Jon Parise. I spent most of last night unpacking and trying to force myself back to an East Coast schedule. I finally fell asleep around 2am, and woke up at 7:30am for my Intro to Organic and Biological Chemistry class at 8am. That class is interesting, go over to the page and check out the grading policy… I don’t think it will be to difficult to pass the course. :) Which is good, because that means I have more time to devote to Calculus (again).

Jon and I are heading over to Imaging Science for a little lunchtime showing of Junkyard Wars in the Carlson Learning Center. Word has it that that Bryce will either be showing the “Gliders” or the “Cannons” episode, either of which rock (but “Cannons” by far wins in a vs. match.. :P)


I finally have a beat to give an update… So, James is arriving today… He is visiting for the Moby concert, and his visit comes at a time where I could use a bit of relaxation.

Jerry has taken over leadership on the project I was working on for work. While on one hand I feel like I have failed, I now feel like my life has suddenly gotten happier… I didn’t hate work, I simply didn’t have enough time between sleep and class.


I got my Stevie Ray Vaughan CD’s today, and they are great… I also got my absentee ballot for the upcoming presidental election… I am really split on this one though… Not voting for Bush, but I don’t know if I want to vote for Gore…. Or do I want to vote for a 3rd party? Sigh…

Work is moving along, but I chased a evil bug for quite awhile today…. It’s kinda OK though, bugs happen, and finding them is kinda fun, even when they run you around for awhile…


I am really tired, and I am behind at work, but fortunately Jerry has been kind enough to offer to help me out now that he is caught up. It is always hard to balance work and school, and when both are as demanding as they currently are, all the help I can get is welcome….

I have that dumbass Astronomy class this afternoon.. We have spent weeks on spectra fundamentals, but we are just getting to relating it to astronomy. And the lab is silly too; Sorry, I thought that an Astronomy lab would focus on looking at stars, not mapping our local horizon…


Been a super-busy weekend… I am starting to look forward to the time after Halloween… As you readers are probably aware of, we have a big demo around Halloween at work, and all the scrambling I have been doing recently has been to prepare for that. I am probably going to avoid work a bit after that demo…. I wouldn’t quite say I am completely over-extended right now, but I look forward to a minimum of free-time.

Time for the house meeting!

Pillow Epiphanies are always the best.

I hate going to bed with bugs in my code. It has always bothered me so much. So I give up on debugging this off-by-one bug just before my last update, resolved myself to go to bed, brushed my teeth, turned out the lights, got in bed, and sat there for 5 minutes fuming that I had that bug.

Thankfully, a stroke of genius occured and I bolted out of bed, solved the problem, and now the function seems to work perfectly (at least with my test data). I love when that happens.

Good Night….

….or Morning…. I was in a pretty decent code groove tonight. When I surfaced from it it was 6am and I had reasonable functionality. There were distractions along the way, but they never managed to fully derail me.

I did start watching Strange Brew in the background, but it was sucking away too much of my attention so I had to stop it. :)

While I was working I had Mozilla building from source in the background. I have had trouble building it under FreeBSD in the past (mostly to my ignorance), but I had a successful build tonight that hauled ass. :)

Internal Server Error: Wizard Needs Food Badly

Woke up at 9am for our Friday Morning Meeting at work, and went to my stupid Astronomy class. :)

I am feeling a bit more comfortable with my timelines at work now that I know I don’t really have to deal with any CORBA stuff thanks to an intermediary layer…

I was supposed to go to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome this weekend with my Dad and my Uncle, but my part in those plans was scrubbed because I am simply too busy… Talk about a load of blow….

tension, excitement, stress, and web page revisions

tension: Pending phone interview with a certain Silicon Valley company on Wednesday. I really hope it goes well..

excitement: I think it is occuring to me that I am almost done here… It’s about time.

stress: Classwork compounded with tight deadlines at work. They are not totally overboard, but I am keeping busy. I am hoping to get a bit ahead of schedule this weekend.

web page revisions: I added a schedule to my webpage, among other minor revisions. I was originally planning on adding graphics and stuph to it, but I think I like it as all plain text. What do you think?