Gravity holds galaxies together…..

…..but 8am class rips my head apart…. :) Jetlag and this new schedule are working in concert to really make my life complicated right now. :) I assume that once my body readjusts to the timezone, and my mind adjusts to waking up at 7am instead of noon, things should get better.

It’s early in the quarter, so I am still in that “not much to do” state of mind…. I am going to leverage this to my advantage and do some Calculus this weekend… Man, I really wish I had a professor who spoke english. :) My classes this quarter don’t seem too bad so-far, but I guess that it is still a bit early to pass judgement.

In theory, Jon and I are headed back to Imaging Science around 12:30pm for another round of Junkyard Wars on the big screen. Unfortunately, right now I am less than motivated to do anything… :)

I am also going to try and wrap up my work on phase 1 of Drink (which means getting it back to the classic Drink functionality, dropping drinks over the network when asked to). It turns out that the TINI board does not support either ObjectOutputStream or ObjectInputStream. Of course, I would have known this had I just paid attention to the TINI API Differences. While the TINI API supports almost all of Java 1.1, there are a few differences. Fortunately, I was only using serialization in a handful of places, so I just have to hack out a different solution. I used Serialization because it was easy, not because it was necessary. :P

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