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        1. The new album was supposed to come out June 27th, but it got delayed.

          From Ask Al:
          Tracy A. of Hudson, Florida asks: Okay, Al. So what DID that huge “27” that flashed on the screen April 7th really mean? Everyone wants to know. Come on, spill your guts!

          Oh, okay. Well, if you must know, the big “27” that appeared briefly on this web site was the beginning of a teaser campaign to announce that the new album was coming out on June 27. I’m very sorry to say that the album is not coming out on June 27 anymore, due to something which threw a major monkey wrench into our release plans. (Don’t worry, it’s just silly record company politics. Maybe I’ll tell you the story someday.) Anyway, we’re obviously trying to resolve the issue, and hoping to get the album out as soon as humanly possible. I’m bound and determined to get it out… well, sometime this year, for sure. I really think it’s a great album (although I may be just a little biased) and I sure hope everybody will think it’s been worth the wait.

        1. what radio stations do you listen to? Just curious.

          I’ve been finding that I haven’t really been listening to the radio at all, but I have been listening to the BBC1 audio stream on the net occasionally… (At least for Annie Mac’s show)

          1. I know you didn’t ask me specifically, but the only radio I listen to now is Sirius Satellite…. The music stations are awesome (and BBC1 is included)

          2. When I was over there (back now)… I listened largely to 104.7 Minster FM (http://www.minsterfm.com) and 96.6 TFM. I did switch over to Radio 1 on and off, but I preferred the local radio stations (moreso for traffic and other happenings). We didn’t get quite the choices the southern part of the country got with respect to radio.

            Back here, WAAF/WBCN/WFNX…

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