Houses in Motion

I finally spoke with

last night, she apologized profusely for leaving me in the dark for so long… She seems to be having fun out there in South Dakota, at least in her down time… Apparently it is very beautiful out there, we’ll have to get out there as part of our travels sometime soon.

I’ve been spending most of my time unpacking, cleaning, and settling into the new house. I use the term settling loosely, because I’m sure of my decisions will be overridden by Corinna when she gets back… =) Yesterday I managed to get the last of the boxes out of the living room, dining room, kitchen, and den, which allowed me to mop all the floors. The floors were refinished before we moved in, and whatever they used on the floor (stain or whatever) was getting onto socks and feet, so I had been walking around in flip-flops and sandals all the time.. But once I got the bulk of the crap unpacked, I was able to move everything around in order to mop. Now the floors don’t seem to scum up socks and feet, although they may need another mopping to be sure.

I bought a grill the other day, a propane Char-Broil… I had some people for grilling over on Saturday because

was in town briefly, and afterwards some of us went to the Middle East to see a band I had never heard of before, CSS. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if it was a good show because I imbibed a bit too much and I think I would have enjoyed a Barry Manilow performance at that point… Seriously, though, it was a fun time,even if it wasn’t exactly my normal listening fare.

Sunday started off a little rough, but I eventually pulled it together… Unpacked a bit, but mostly I just lounged around the new house… It was strange, but I think because I’ve had a seemingly unending stream of projects in the months leading up to selling Corinna’s old place,simply sitting around watching TV caused me to feel guilty, like I was neglecting something which needed to be done immediately. Once I Reminded myself that the boxes would still be there the next day, and we weren’t in a race to get a house on the market or anything, I was able to just relax and enjoy Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon. Later on we caught Severance with the film club, which had a big turnout and was lots of fun, even if I was tired and hungover…

On Thursday I’m headed to the dreaded Avalon to see Skinny Puppy… I caught them last time they came through town, and it was a great show, so I’m hoping for even more fun!

Worlock, Remastered

Skinny Puppy’s video for Worlock is considered by many one of the scariest music videos. I don’t know about “scary”, but it’s one of my favorites.. It is an assemblage of clips of horror films, and with that inherited all kinds of copyright headaches. I have it on VHS somewhere, but no longer have a VCR to play it with. Even if I did, it’s a late generation dub..

Some saint painstakingly recreated the Worlock video, using modern DVD-quality video where possible (and it seems to have been possible for most of the films “sampled”. It is amazing. Be sure to grab the WMV9 version as opposed to the overcompressed EewTube version. The creator has promised a MPEG-2 version of the video, which should be awesome.

i like music

I made another pilgrimage to Cafe Soundz with James last night, and I picked up one of the 3 missing Skinny Puppy CDs (Remission), and also a good-ol’ random CD based on the recommendation of the store owner, Bobby. It is a pretty good cd, by Alder & Elius, and it is out on Skam Records. Skam is usually fairly reliable, and this disc hasn’t disappointed me yet. It is experimental electronic music, and the first few tracks seem like they were experimenting with microtuning and such, while the later tracks seem a bit more straightforward… I will have to see if it grows closer to me or farther away…

Later, we ended up hanging out at the Budd Lake diner with Chuck and Amy. We were out for a long time, but I met a few new people, which never hurts. Later tonight those three are coming over to watch Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. with me and my father (who bought the movie). Should be fun!

I failed to return a movie to the video store last night, so I guess I have to do it some time today.


Well, it turns out that I actually did already own all of the Skinny Puppy singles, but there are 3 full-lengths that I still need to purchase. I have added “Remission“, “12 Inch Anthology“, and “Back and Forth: Series Two” to my Amazon wishlist, hopefully I will remember to pick them up the next time I order something from them.

I am also, of course, missing the original “Back and Forth” (of which 35 were released on cassette tape), and the vaporware “Love in Vein” single, which was created but never released. And I am also skipping “Bites & Remission” because it is simply a concatenation of the albums “Bites” and “Remission”, as well as the aforementioned Single and B-Side collections.


I finally have a decent interview prospect, but it won’t happen until April…. Not that I have anything against the prospect of not having anything serious to do between now and then, but I think I would seriously prefer having a clue of where my life is going.. :)

I am going to bed real soon… I am trying to figure out which Skinny Puppy CDs I need to complete my collection (in order to celebrate their entire catalog!). I am only a few singles off, so I might as well staple things up once I get some money… The discs are becoming more and more rare, as Nettwerk decided to discontinue the individual singles in favor of two CDs, one for the singles themselves, the other for the various b-sides. Since I already have most of the singles, I might as well get the 2 or 3 I am missing.

I have been trying to teach myself various meditation techniques lately, something I told myself I was going to learn before I left for RIT (yet never did). I am also going to plan some exercise into my day… it would be nice to at least achieve the moderate level of out-of-shape that I was in before I left for school. :)

Radiation vapor air

A bunch of us went out to MacGregor’s for some dinner and just to hang out. I was going to celebrate my performance on the Calc exam, but I think everyone else was just there for fun. :) We stayed there pretty late, and then we came back and watched Heathers, which is an amazing piece of 80s cinema. I am still amazed at the number of people who haven’t seen that film around here….

My back is a little sore, I ended up sleeping on the floor last night because Jen wasn’t really in the shape to drive, and since her car was stick no one else was really qualified to take her car back, so she stayed over and I let her take the bed… I am too nice of a guy. :)

I know Jen and I are going out in a few hours to check out Hannibal, and I am not quite sure who else is going with us… My Roommate, Jon Parise didn’t really express much interest in going, and he is planning on going apartment shopping with Ethan anyway…. I don’t know if Conlon is interested; He is getting a ride over with Jen later to work on his project, so I don’t know if he would want to give up work for some good old-fashioned cannibalistic fun. :)

Don’t get the creole mustard….

Chuck and I went to T.G.I. Friday’s for lunch earlier, and afterwards we stopped by CD Express, a used CD shop I used to frequent when I spent more time in NJ. Man, I haven’t been there in a long time, and they definately began to suck at some point during that time…. They only had a single CD I would even think about buying, and I just said forget it… :)

Might be hanging out with James later tonight, possibly heading down to Cafe Soundz in Montclair… The new Download album was released today, and some of the previews I have heard reminded me of their album Furnace, which has been their best (and their first :P)… Hopefully I won’t be let down… :)

making time in a low rent highrise….

Finishing up my deadline material for work, which is going well. It kinda sucks that the majority of my free time during the week happens during the second half. It makes for some really rushed time. :)

I got both my Skinny Puppy “Track 10” limited edition today (197/400) and my “Too Dark Park” tour poster. It is cool, but I am going to have to leave the poster unframed until I move…