I finally have a decent interview prospect, but it won’t happen until April…. Not that I have anything against the prospect of not having anything serious to do between now and then, but I think I would seriously prefer having a clue of where my life is going.. :)

I am going to bed real soon… I am trying to figure out which Skinny Puppy CDs I need to complete my collection (in order to celebrate their entire catalog!). I am only a few singles off, so I might as well staple things up once I get some money… The discs are becoming more and more rare, as Nettwerk decided to discontinue the individual singles in favor of two CDs, one for the singles themselves, the other for the various b-sides. Since I already have most of the singles, I might as well get the 2 or 3 I am missing.

I have been trying to teach myself various meditation techniques lately, something I told myself I was going to learn before I left for RIT (yet never did). I am also going to plan some exercise into my day… it would be nice to at least achieve the moderate level of out-of-shape that I was in before I left for school. :)

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