i like music

I made another pilgrimage to Cafe Soundz with James last night, and I picked up one of the 3 missing Skinny Puppy CDs (Remission), and also a good-ol’ random CD based on the recommendation of the store owner, Bobby. It is a pretty good cd, by Alder & Elius, and it is out on Skam Records. Skam is usually fairly reliable, and this disc hasn’t disappointed me yet. It is experimental electronic music, and the first few tracks seem like they were experimenting with microtuning and such, while the later tracks seem a bit more straightforward… I will have to see if it grows closer to me or farther away…

Later, we ended up hanging out at the Budd Lake diner with Chuck and Amy. We were out for a long time, but I met a few new people, which never hurts. Later tonight those three are coming over to watch Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. with me and my father (who bought the movie). Should be fun!

I failed to return a movie to the video store last night, so I guess I have to do it some time today.

Don’t get the creole mustard….

Chuck and I went to T.G.I. Friday’s for lunch earlier, and afterwards we stopped by CD Express, a used CD shop I used to frequent when I spent more time in NJ. Man, I haven’t been there in a long time, and they definately began to suck at some point during that time…. They only had a single CD I would even think about buying, and I just said forget it… :)

Might be hanging out with James later tonight, possibly heading down to Cafe Soundz in Montclair… The new Download album was released today, and some of the previews I have heard reminded me of their album Furnace, which has been their best (and their first :P)… Hopefully I won’t be let down… :)