I love Italian Horror Movies

The movies rocked last night, and next week they are showing Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond” and Michele Soavi’s “Cemetary Man“. My friend Amy from back in Jersey is coming up that day, so I will have to force her to go with me (although I can’t imagine that much arm-twisting will be involved)… I met up with Jon Whitney and Tom the Fish last night, and actually discovered a acceptable (yet not glorious) slice of pizza in this area (at Pinocchio’s in Harvard Square).

Psst… Let me let you in on a little secret: TODAY IS FRIDAY! I am looking forward to this weekend, for it brings us IC3, and I also need to catch up on a little bit of sleep as well.

Time to get some work done!

i like music

I made another pilgrimage to Cafe Soundz with James last night, and I picked up one of the 3 missing Skinny Puppy CDs (Remission), and also a good-ol’ random CD based on the recommendation of the store owner, Bobby. It is a pretty good cd, by Alder & Elius, and it is out on Skam Records. Skam is usually fairly reliable, and this disc hasn’t disappointed me yet. It is experimental electronic music, and the first few tracks seem like they were experimenting with microtuning and such, while the later tracks seem a bit more straightforward… I will have to see if it grows closer to me or farther away…

Later, we ended up hanging out at the Budd Lake diner with Chuck and Amy. We were out for a long time, but I met a few new people, which never hurts. Later tonight those three are coming over to watch Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. with me and my father (who bought the movie). Should be fun!

I failed to return a movie to the video store last night, so I guess I have to do it some time today.

Snipers do it quickly and quietly

Enemy at the Gates was very enjoyable, even though I was sitting next to a marine who wouldn’t shut up every time there was a historical inaccuracy (and there weren’t that many, but he still made a big deal out of them). It was , John (the marine), A friend of John’s, and Amy, and after the movie we dropped off John’s friend and went to the Budd Lake diner for a while to chill. It was a fun time, even if I did end up smelling like smoke as usual. I also had an opportunity to talk to Amy for awhile, which was cool….

Time to go wake up and get the day rolling. Going out to dinner to celebrate my father’s birthday (which is Monday) tonight (because my sister Aimee has to go back to school tomorrow).

Some people really need to discover clue.

This is hysterical

Howdy folks! I need to set something straight about the fourth installment of the Hellraiser series. This movie blows away Hellraiser II by far. Hellraiser III was better than the second one. Its plot as well as Doug Bradley’s spectacular acting ability tend to keep the viewer awake. The problem with Hellraiser three is that several portions of the film watch almost like a cheesy eighties metal video. Many of the cenobites were also dissapointing. Hellraiser: Bloodline was supposed to close this book for good.

Hellraiser 3 and 4 both suck… Badly. That is not to say that 1 and 2 were masterpieces, but they were entertaining and were based on decent screenplays, etc.

Finally, Director Alan Smithee takes the reins of this mighty series and steers Barker’s conception back onto the path. Unlike directors previously assigned to project: Hellraiser, Smithee ignores the storyline involving the Kirsty Cotton character.”

HAHAHAHA! “Director Alan Smithee”, is this guy a complete clue-bag? “Smithee ignores the storyline”… Wow. Yeah, I really respect the director of this film, who chose to leave his name off of it it was so poor… :)

Well, enough of that. I am heading out with , Amy, and a few other people to see Enemy at the Gates. It looks like it will be a pretty good movie; I mean, with snipers, you really can’t go wrong.