Worlock, Remastered

Skinny Puppy’s video for Worlock is considered by many one of the scariest music videos. I don’t know about “scary”, but it’s one of my favorites.. It is an assemblage of clips of horror films, and with that inherited all kinds of copyright headaches. I have it on VHS somewhere, but no longer have a VCR to play it with. Even if I did, it’s a late generation dub..

Some saint painstakingly recreated the Worlock video, using modern DVD-quality video where possible (and it seems to have been possible for most of the films “sampled”. It is amazing. Be sure to grab the WMV9 version as opposed to the overcompressed EewTube version. The creator has promised a MPEG-2 version of the video, which should be awesome.

3 thoughts on “Worlock, Remastered

  1. I’ve never seen that video… and I still haven’t, because I tried watching it during breakfast and that didn’t work out too well :)

    thanks for the link

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