Thankfully, not much….

Got a ride back here from Ben after he woke up around 11am today… I chilled for awhile, ate some oatmeal, and then took a nap.. elph came by around 3-ish and we hung out, went to The Commons for some food and talk, and came back for some TV…. We ended up in Ethan’s room watching Jurassic Park and she left about an hour ago…

It is nice to have a day where you can just relax and chill with friends…. Tomorrow I need to do some calc work and study for my Data Comm exam on monday. For now, I am just being very lazy, and enjoying it…

Jasmine Tea is neat

After the college bowl, I was kinda bummed… In fact, I am still kinda bummed… But I gave Elph a call and she told me that I was going to eat Thai food tonight. :) We ended up at Thai Taste here in Rochester, and it wasn’t bad at all. I had a Cashew Chicken that was kinda spicy, but nothing too far out there..

Afterwards we came back to the dorms and watched Seven on DVD. Then we just chilled and talked about various things… She definately helped me beat the down feeling a bit. Now I am talking to Chris about Easter Eggs and About Boxes. :)


We didn’t win. :(

We did pretty well in our first 2 games, but we lost the 3rd to a team from The Reporter, which pushed us into the loser’s bracket in this double-elimination tournament. We still had a chance to go all the way, and rallied for a few rounds, but we were ultimately eliminated by a second team from the “House of General Science” (we beat their first team).

Oh well… Everyone went to eat now, and are ultimately going to see Thirteen Days this evening… Lindsay asked me to ring her if I was doing anything tonight… Perhaps I will ring her even though I am not doing anything… :) Perhaps she is as bored as I am.. :)

Elph is neat.

I just got back from seeing Thirteen Days with Lindsay. Sometimes you feel guilty for not spending time with friends, and the past few weekends have caused me to feel that way. I need to realize that there is a life outside of this campus more often…. Anyway, I really enjoyed the film, and Lindsay said she did as well… It clocked in at about 2.5 hours… Between this and Traffic, it seems that Hollywood might be losing its fear of films longer than 90 minutes….

Upon my return to floor I noticed a few emails regarding AliveJournal. People seem to be pleased with version 1.5b, which is good, because I believe it is pretty solid now. For those interested, I started a new community journal named alivejournal to act as a changelog and a way for for me to get some feedback…

My Ol Factory tells me that someone is making Hot Chocolate down the hall, and I am developing a craving… Perhaps a trip downstairs is in order… :) I need some new journal pictures… I don’t know if I even have decent pictures of myself to put there….