Late Night

and I headed over to the Girards’ home last night for some hot game-night action.  We played Fluxx and DICKtionary (think Pictionary but actually fun) and just chilled out…  Corinna was getting pretty drowsy-eyed around 1am so we retreated back to the homestead..  When we got home, our downstairs neighbors Kate and Greg were throwing a party of their own, so we stopped by to say ‘hi’ and ended up hanging out with them until like 3am.  Needless to say I slept WAY in this morning. :)

A Quick Update

I’ve been really busy, for obvious reasons, but here’s a quick update as to what’s going on:

  • We’re still go for both closings this Thursday.  Everything seems to be on track, all the repairs to our new place that we asked for in the Purchase and Sale agreement have been taken care of.  In addition, we have a verbal agreement with the seller to move our stuff in on Wednesday (but not ourselves), but we need to get that signed off tomorrow or else our movers will have nowhere to put our stuff on Wednesday morning.  =)
  • Speaking of movers, I’m packing, packing, packing… 

    has been working a ton lately, even this Saturday and today!  So I’ve been doing most of the packing, which is okay with me, especially since this will hopefully be the last move for many years..  I’ve pretty much got most everything except the bedroom packed up now…  Not sure if we will have enough boxes for everything, so there might be a last-minute scramble for boxes tomorrow.  Or, I suppose, we will just have to buy a few boxes from the movers and box up the last of the stuff while they are moving what we have boxed up.  We’ll see though..  Many thanks to


    for helping us out with the boxes.  They just moved into THEIR new place, and the timing just so happened that while they were emptying their boxes we were in need of them…  They were life (or at least wallet) savers!

  • For some reason I’ve started to sort of follow the Red Sox.  I’m not sure what happened, I think it’s

    ‘s fault.  Perhaps it was only a matter of time before I caught the local disease.

  • Yesterday we took a break from work and packing, and headed out to

    ‘s folks house for grilling and pool chicanery.  It was awesome, we had a great time as always…  It was a much needed break from all the adult seriousness the two of us have been dealing with lately…


This weekend was hectic…. Friday night and I met up with her friend Lisa who was in town for a conference. She invited us to a grill party in Allston. Lots of standing, so my leg was a little barky, but it was a great time.

Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning the apartment, and I worked on fixing the PC, which had a under volt on the power supply’s 3.3v rail. I replaced the supply, but the crashing persisted.. It seems now that the video card is overheating, so I turned down the settings on the game I was playing and it seemed to improve the sitchmo. I guess ultimately it will need to be replaced, but that’d require a PCI Express motherboard, so it will have to wait.

Today we continued cleaning, in preparation for Coco’s parents’ visit this week. After cleaning ended, we went over to ‘s family’s pool for a quick bit of swimming and grilling before racing back to Harvard Square to see Sir, No Sir! with the film club.


Originally uploaded by seangraham.

drew this sketch of me at the party last night. Speaking of which, I threw myself a birthday party here at the apartment last night. And by “threw myself” I mean “Picked a date and watched do most of the work”. But anyway, it was a good time, we chowed down on some delicious pizza from Imperial, played some video games, and Corinna made me an AWESOME rum cake (I mean, who has rum cake for a birthday cake? I do.) We were still up for the time change and then some!

Oh yeah, my birthday.. thanks to all the well-wishers and gift-givers.. I got a bunch of great books, music, and DVDs this year. For my birthday present, Corinna took me out to dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club. I am not usually a fan of getting dressed up to eat, but it’s nice on occasion, and this was totally worth it. The food was completely delicious, the service was mind-blowing, and the bread pudding was unbelievable.

Tonight we are catching the Beastie Boys’ concert film, “Awesome: I Fuckin’ Shot That”, with the film club, which will hopefully be a blast

Weekend Update

So was up this weekend for some fun… He showed up at my work Friday evening, and we left his car here (free parking monitored 24h by a security guard is pretty nice) and drove back to Boston. We got home just after and all three of us headed out to the Sunset Cantina for dinner and drinks.. A good time was had by all, and we returned home to chill before beddy-bye time.

Saturday we headed out to Mr. Bartley’s in Harvard Square for delicious, delicious burgers (although Corinna had something non-burgerish). We then tooled around Harvard Square for awhile before returning to the apartment to watch Team America (Chuck hadn’t seen it before) and get some laundry while watching the movie. After the movie (and laundry) were done, we headed out to see Wedding Crashers, which was pretty funny, even if it did have some bullshit moments. After the film we grabbed some food at Legal Sea Foods (after aborting an attempt to drive out to the Wharf)… I had the Grilled Everything Tuna, which is just awesome…

After dinner we went to a party at Gaurav’s (former roomate on Western Ave) apartment downtown.. And when I say downtown, I mean on Beacon Hill next door to the State Capitol. It was a roof party, so we spent the evening looking out over the Boston Common and the city skyline and enjoying the weather. After we left the party, we stopped by Tim’s place for like 45 minutes just to say hello and have a Carbomb… :)

Sunday morning was brunch at ‘s place, and a bunch of people where there including Steve Bower, who I haven’t seen in years (mostly because I thought he left town even though he lives like 2 miles away from our apartment). Well, it turns out he is moving to Australia post-haste, so I guess my prophecy will come true. :) After the fantastic brunch (wtg, gib!), Chuck, Corinna, and I did some shopping at the mall before the Sunday Night Film Club screening of The Aristocrats… Strangely enough, we ran into many of the people from the brunch at the mall… It was very weird. Anyway, Corinna bought some clothes and I finally replaced the rat-ass sandals I’ve been wearing since college..

A first in SNFC history (at least for me), was that due to a projector failure the screening we were supposed to attend was cancelled. Fortunately, someone had the brilliant idea to just eat dinner before the film and attend a later screening (as opposed to our usual discussion and drinks afterwards), so we exchanged our tickets and headed over to Tommy Doyle’s then back to the theatre). I really enjoyed the film, but others didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as me (which is kinda what I expected, as I’m a raunchy fellow). We retreated back to the apartment and crashed. I brought Chuck with me to work this morning to get his car and he was on his way… And that’s the end of a swell weekend.

Interesting Weekend

I get 12 free dialup hours through, which lets me check my email over weekends until the DSL comes through. So here I write…

When I got home from work on Friday, there was this cat kinda chilling in the stairwell, which was extrodinarily peculiar, because it was behind the second (locked) door to the building. I assumed it belonged to someone in the building, and thought nothing of it. When I saw it there a few hours later, I started worrying. I posted a note on the door, and asked around.

Friday night I had my first real get together-type-thing here at the new apartment, and Steve Bower, Adam, Molly, Rory, and Frances came over for food, drink, and B.S. It was cool, cuz I hadn’t seen Steve in about a year. Saturday morning the cat was still around, so Molly and Adam took it to make sure it was fed. It turns out that the girl in apartment 2 left for the weekend, and the cat must have scooted out past her when she was leaving. All is well now, but I think Molly was getting attached to the idea of owning the cat. :(

Saturday, I went out to Harvard Square to meet up with Jon Whitney and see Fellini’s Satyricon at the Brattle, which I had seen a long time ago, but didn’t really remember. It was allegedly a new print with the original un-edited subtitles, but the print seemed a bit beat up for a new one (tape, scratches, etc). The movie is definately out there, and it left me a little screwy for the rest of the night. After the movie I met some more of Jon’s friends, which was cool. I wasn’t feeling very well though, so I left early. I made it home in time to catch Walken n’ Weezer on SNL, both of which were great. The new Weezer album is growing on me more with each listen…

The Sopranos season finished tonight, and in retrospect I am very happy with this season. It was the darkest season of the three, but I think all in all it was better than the 2nd season, while perhaps a bit shy of the first. Rory came over to watch it with me, and we also watched the hit-man documentary afterwards.

This cold-illness-type-thing is waning, but it is still annoying. I want it to go away, so I am gonna hit the sack.

My Aim is True

I got my resupply of soap in the mail today, which is good, because I was borrowing from Bill for the past week or so. I got a 8 oz. bottle for the shower and hand washing purposes and a 64 oz. jug from which I can refill for the next year or so. :) 74 ounces is alot of god-damned soap. :)

Ben, Conlon, and Trouble are having a little soirée over their apartment tonight… Should be a good way to unwind before finals week…