Late Night

and I headed over to the Girards’ home last night for some hot game-night action.  We played Fluxx and DICKtionary (think Pictionary but actually fun) and just chilled out…  Corinna was getting pretty drowsy-eyed around 1am so we retreated back to the homestead..  When we got home, our downstairs neighbors Kate and Greg were throwing a party of their own, so we stopped by to say ‘hi’ and ended up hanging out with them until like 3am.  Needless to say I slept WAY in this morning. :)

Roller Boogie

, Audra, and I went to the ALL SKATE Roller Boogie last night at Chez-Vous.  As you may have guessed, this was not my idea, but I try to be good, giving, and game, so I figured what the hell..    It was a good time, although I needed to take a break every time or three around the rink, as I’d guess the last time I wore roller skates was 15-20 years ago.  The DJs they had were good, and none of us fell, so I can’t complain.  Chez-Vous is Boston’s only roller rink, and it totally had the feeling of a business held together by passion and a strong family…  Audra had gone to the ALL SKATE event in December, and she said the place was empty..  Last night, however, it was hoppin’, and there were plenty of people to watch when I was taking a panic break. 

By the end of the night I started to remember how to skate, although I was still really nervous..  I managed to do something to my ankle too, as it is sore today, but such is the price of fun….  Oh yeah, they had a concession with fried dough, and it was great…..   Mmmm…..


This weekend was the Brainwaves Festival over in Arlington, which was a ton of fun. Jon really did a great job pulling the whole thing together, and while I wasn’t in to every artist, it was great seeing so many different bands. The highlight for me was The Dresden Dolls turning out a great set (even if they seemed out of place in the midst of the other bands on the lineup). Amanda and Brian brought out Edward Ka-Spel (from The Legendary Pink Dots and The Tear Garden) for “Missed Me”. I’m not the biggest Ka-Spel fan (I actually left before his set, closing out Friday, was over, but I was mostly just exhausted).

After a Kelly’s brunch, I made it back to the theatre on time on Saturday Afternoon. This daytime lineup seemed to be mostly noise artists, which can always be hit-or-miss. Fortunately, none of them seemed to take themselves too seriously, which made it more palatable. came out Saturday night to join me, and it was great seeing him again and catching up. Saturday night was definitely my favorite overall night of the show. It was dedicated to Steven Stapleton, who did a “DJ” set playing some of his favorite records. All of the artists Saturday night were enjoyable, but the stand-out band were also the headliners, Volcano the Bear. They had great energy, and while at times they seemed to be in Schtick Coma, they really rocked it out.

I missed the final day of the festival as I had previously committed to heading over to ‘s place for some Nintendo Wii love. He has preordered his and was having a big party to celebrate (and play). We mostly played Wii Sports, Tennis and Baseball are the standout games, but Bowling is pretty cool too. Golf and Boxing were a bit spottier though. Boxing definitely felt like your actions with the remote had the least correspondence to what happened on screen. That, and Corinna kicked my ass at Boxing, so I can’t like it. :P

We played from like noon until 6pm, when and I had to run off to see “Casino Royale”. I really, really enjoyed it, as did seemingly everyone who showed up to the club this week (17 people!). Definitely removed the crappier aspects of Bond for the past however-many years and stuck to spying and action (Parkour FTW).


I’ve been wicked antsy the past few days, dunno what’s going on… I’ve been playing Quake 4 with some coworkers and friends a few nights this week… I’m still pretty good, at least in relation to the people I’m playing with.. I thought I was losing my deathmatch twitch skill after years of not using it, but it seems to have returned with a bit of sharpening.. It’s also the first time I’ve really played with a headset. We all sit on Teamspeak and chat it up, which is pretty cool.. Brian (my boss) runs both servers at his house, and the machine (or his net connection) is starting to get bogged down with the amount of players we have, so we will probably have to figure out an alternative server arrangement. I guess we could play on public servers, but it’s also pretty annoying to have random kids curse you out incessantly and follow you around from server to server when you get sick of their shit.

This Weekend

Friday night I hung out with a bunch of friends from work… It was John’s birthday and he had a bunch of people over his house and then we went to watch some Minor League hockey. The game was terrible, we left after the second period, but it was good spending time with these guys (and gal) outside of work for a change.. I didn’t get home until past 1am…

Saturday and I just chilled out for most of the day, for the first time in a long time. She had been powering through one of her last assignments of her masters, and even though she still has more work to do in the next few weeks, she decided to take a “personal day”, which I appreciated, because I’ve felt like I’ve had a part-time girlfriend for awhile now. :)

Today the two of us took a walk in the snow “storm” and grabbed some lunch at Moogy’s. I had the film club tonight, while she had to stay home to resume her schoolwork. We saw The Ice Harvest. It was OK, but it was a little too predictable. It straddled the line between slapstick and serious, and I think if it veered a bit closer to slapstick it would have been better (and the predictability wouldn’t have been as noticable). I got home and found that one of the traps I set out for our little “mouse friend” had been successful. I had set out both spring and glue traps, because I wanted the little bugger gone, and he wandered into one of the glue traps. I’m not a fan of them, because they seem a bit like torture, but it got the job done, and I dispatched the poor guy as soon as I found him. I have more traps out in case he has any friends..

Almost had a chance

This week has been fun… the Ig Nobel Awards on Thursday were tons of fun, more so than I expected, actually. It turns out was there as well, and we discussed organizing a CSH or RIT delegation next year to show up all the Harvard and MIT delegations..

Last night was Stephen Lynch which was awesome. No opening act, but he had Teich and Rod with him, and he played an awesome selection of old and new songs (although he left out “Mixer at Delta Chi”, which is one of my favorites, but he played that last time, so…). He even busted out “Kill a Kitten”, which is rad. Our seats were good, 3 back on the Mezzanine, but I think I preferred our floor seats last time we saw him (I couldn’t get good floor seats because I was slow on the Ticketbastard draw this time around).