Almost had a chance

This week has been fun… the Ig Nobel Awards on Thursday were tons of fun, more so than I expected, actually. It turns out was there as well, and we discussed organizing a CSH or RIT delegation next year to show up all the Harvard and MIT delegations..

Last night was Stephen Lynch which was awesome. No opening act, but he had Teich and Rod with him, and he played an awesome selection of old and new songs (although he left out “Mixer at Delta Chi”, which is one of my favorites, but he played that last time, so…). He even busted out “Kill a Kitten”, which is rad. Our seats were good, 3 back on the Mezzanine, but I think I preferred our floor seats last time we saw him (I couldn’t get good floor seats because I was slow on the Ticketbastard draw this time around).

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