I’ve been wicked antsy the past few days, dunno what’s going on… I’ve been playing Quake 4 with some coworkers and friends a few nights this week… I’m still pretty good, at least in relation to the people I’m playing with.. I thought I was losing my deathmatch twitch skill after years of not using it, but it seems to have returned with a bit of sharpening.. It’s also the first time I’ve really played with a headset. We all sit on Teamspeak and chat it up, which is pretty cool.. Brian (my boss) runs both servers at his house, and the machine (or his net connection) is starting to get bogged down with the amount of players we have, so we will probably have to figure out an alternative server arrangement. I guess we could play on public servers, but it’s also pretty annoying to have random kids curse you out incessantly and follow you around from server to server when you get sick of their shit.

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