Screw All People

Headed out to MassArt last night for the inaugural season opener of the Boston Derby Dames. and I were meeting a bunch of people from work there.. As we were walking from the bus to the venue, I got a call from John telling us that they had been waiting on a long line and by the time they had gotten to the front of it, the show had already been sold out! So we were totally screwed out of the event I have been waiting for weeks to see…

We ended up trekking out to Sunset Cantina on Comm Ave, thinking a mexican restaurant probably wouldn’t be that hammered on St. Patty’s Day… It was busy, but I’m sure not as busy as any of the pubs in Southie or even the rest of Boston, which was good. Afterwards Corinna and I headed back to the apartment and crashed.

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  1. Re: Don’t give up hope!

    Awesome! How were the bouts on Friday?

    BTW, a sketchier man than I would have just snuck into the gym, as it seemed that if you came in through the other side of the MassArt buildings as opposed to the entrance near the ticket booth it would have been simple to get into the gym.

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