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Continuing the “I am a Jackass” theme of late, this weekend I was doing some of the aforementioned home improvement and managed to smash the shit out of my thumb with the hammer… A beautiful blood blister formed but I don’t think I did any serious damage. The trim around the front door looks quite a bit better now, and will look even better once it isn’t Primer White. Next up: Stripping and painting the radiators! FUN!

I’m finally writing code at work again, but only because I am forcing the issue…. I’m auto-generating my ICD/Design document via Doxygen, hopefully that won’t make anyone here blow a gasket.

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  1. Oh man, have fun stripping the radiators. I’ve been stripping the hardwood trim in my house on and off since I moved in, and it’s a total bitch. It looks great underneath all those layers of paint though, and the detail really comes out when the wood is bare. So, it’s a total bitch, but worthwhile.

    I’d imagine that the temperatures the radiators regularly ensure means that a heat-based or infrared stripper won’t work, and that leaves the fun chemical ones. If you want to be eco-friendly, they have some citrus-based strippers that work “ok.” Really, they work ok for latex paints, but anything else and they’re not adequate at all. I’d go with the metal can nasty chemical stuff. Just make sure you’ve got enough ventilation while you’re doing it, or you’re in for a bad headache when you’re done.

  2. I tried using Doxygen as my only method for documenting the desing of one of my projects. It was nice at first and initially it worked out well until I had to make separate header files in a document directory for documenting things that aren’t in the source.

    Not only that, but it became a burden for anyone who wanted docs to the code. Most people are lazy about compiling doxygen comments and just want pre-compiled documentation, or more to the point a doc file :/

    1. I’m just using it to document the API, so that’s not a problem… You might want to look into one of the literate programming tools like noweb.

      As far as people being lazy…

      A) I could give a shit if they don’t want to type ‘make docs’. The only people who need the API docs are developers, and if they are too lazy to gen docs, they should just switch professions.

      B) We have a document control department handle all our documents, so the lazy fucker can always request it from that department.

    2. BTW, Doxygen can auto-generate several output formats in addition to the HTML. Our Docs department will be getting the autogenerated RTF file so people can read the docs in Word.. I will be keeping the LaTeX docs for my own use..

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