Weekend Update

So was up this weekend for some fun… He showed up at my work Friday evening, and we left his car here (free parking monitored 24h by a security guard is pretty nice) and drove back to Boston. We got home just after and all three of us headed out to the Sunset Cantina for dinner and drinks.. A good time was had by all, and we returned home to chill before beddy-bye time.

Saturday we headed out to Mr. Bartley’s in Harvard Square for delicious, delicious burgers (although Corinna had something non-burgerish). We then tooled around Harvard Square for awhile before returning to the apartment to watch Team America (Chuck hadn’t seen it before) and get some laundry while watching the movie. After the movie (and laundry) were done, we headed out to see Wedding Crashers, which was pretty funny, even if it did have some bullshit moments. After the film we grabbed some food at Legal Sea Foods (after aborting an attempt to drive out to the Wharf)… I had the Grilled Everything Tuna, which is just awesome…

After dinner we went to a party at Gaurav’s (former roomate on Western Ave) apartment downtown.. And when I say downtown, I mean on Beacon Hill next door to the State Capitol. It was a roof party, so we spent the evening looking out over the Boston Common and the city skyline and enjoying the weather. After we left the party, we stopped by Tim’s place for like 45 minutes just to say hello and have a Carbomb… :)

Sunday morning was brunch at ‘s place, and a bunch of people where there including Steve Bower, who I haven’t seen in years (mostly because I thought he left town even though he lives like 2 miles away from our apartment). Well, it turns out he is moving to Australia post-haste, so I guess my prophecy will come true. :) After the fantastic brunch (wtg, gib!), Chuck, Corinna, and I did some shopping at the mall before the Sunday Night Film Club screening of The Aristocrats… Strangely enough, we ran into many of the people from the brunch at the mall… It was very weird. Anyway, Corinna bought some clothes and I finally replaced the rat-ass sandals I’ve been wearing since college..

A first in SNFC history (at least for me), was that due to a projector failure the screening we were supposed to attend was cancelled. Fortunately, someone had the brilliant idea to just eat dinner before the film and attend a later screening (as opposed to our usual discussion and drinks afterwards), so we exchanged our tickets and headed over to Tommy Doyle’s then back to the theatre). I really enjoyed the film, but others didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as me (which is kinda what I expected, as I’m a raunchy fellow). We retreated back to the apartment and crashed. I brought Chuck with me to work this morning to get his car and he was on his way… And that’s the end of a swell weekend.