Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree
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Corinna and I spent some time setting up our Christmas Tree tonight… It is so awesome! Our generic to unique ornament ratio is pretty bad right now, but I’m sure before too long we’ll have too many ornaments to actually put on the tree… :)

I just dumped a buttload of random phonecam pics into my Flickr Photostream. I had a bunch of them sitting on the phone dating back to before our trip to Spain and figured it was about time to get them handled…


After work yesterday I met up with a few of the film club regulars to see “Slither” at the Boston Common theatre. It was great to see that Hollywood still knows how to make a great somewhat humorous but still scary horror film (not a self-referential irony-fest like the spawn of Scream). I don’t think this movie was flawed at all, to be honest. Even a little credit cookie for the really patient..

I’m about halfway done with fixing my journal entries to point to Flickr instead of Gallery. Found a few photos that I could have sworn I had uploaded but couldn’t find in my Flickr photos… Hopefully that was just a brain fart on my part and not some kind of dataloss in either the upload client or Flickr’s back end.

Yay Poor Withholding Values!

How fitting….. The check I wrote to pay my taxes is #666. :)

I used ljArchive to sync my entire journal to my PC and then exported it as XML files. I then grepped through those XML files looking for the the old gallery URL, so now I have an index of how many image links are broken (76, if you are curious, which is far better than I expected) with my move to Flickr. I will probably tackle these next weekend, but in the interim I added a mod_rewrite directive to redirect any traffic to the old Gallery URL (or any of it’s subdomains) to my Flickr photos (it won’t redirect to the proper photo or anything fancy like that, but at least it gives people a slightly better result than a 404.


After many evenings of work, I have finally moved all of the photos that were contained in my Gallery installation over to my Flickr account. I got sick of being Mr. Sysadmin and needing to keep Gallery up to date as new security advisories and bug fixes were released, so I figured the best plan was to let someone else do the heavy lifting. I’m actually rather pleased with Flickr so far, the interface that once put me off has grown on me, I like it’s simplicity. So anyway, I’m sure that tons of image links in this journal are now dead, hopefully I can find some way to simply track them down and fix them… Suggestions are welcome!