Yay Poor Withholding Values!

How fitting….. The check I wrote to pay my taxes is #666. :)

I used ljArchive to sync my entire journal to my PC and then exported it as XML files. I then grepped through those XML files looking for the the old gallery URL, so now I have an index of how many image links are broken (76, if you are curious, which is far better than I expected) with my move to Flickr. I will probably tackle these next weekend, but in the interim I added a mod_rewrite directive to redirect any traffic to the old Gallery URL (or any of it’s subdomains) to my Flickr photos (it won’t redirect to the proper photo or anything fancy like that, but at least it gives people a slightly better result than a 404.

Uh oh

I had put off my New York State Taxes until today, and it turns out I am going to have to PAY!

I wonder where I am going to scrounge up the money to pay, I mean, Jesus, where is a person supposed to synthesize 37 cents in today’s economy?