It’s a Dodge Ram

For quite some time I have been telling people the story of the “Dodge Ram”, but I have been unable to get pictures of it until yesterday. For the uninitiated, for a year or so now I have seen this Dodge Ram van parked on Western Ave. in Brighton. While seemingly an ordinary van in all other respects, this one has one unusual feature: The words “DODGE RAM” spelled out in block mailbox letter stickers on the back door of the van, where the factory plastic lettering would have been. I’m not certain why this individual felt the need to replace the (assumedly missing) Dodge lettering with the stickers, but it has cracked me up every single time I’ve seen it.

Picture of the van
Close-up of the lettering

5 thoughts on “It’s a Dodge Ram

  1. Stickers

    My not-so-bright cousin, after buying his second used shitty car – a green Dodge Neon, bought 3 sets of a-foot-tall bright-yellow funky-style letters spelling NEON and plastered that over both sides and the trunk of the car. I don’t think I have any pictures that I can locate but some people would come up to him and go in a Bugs-Bunny type of voice: “So… What kind of car is this?..” And he would proudly respond, “It’s a Dodge Neon”, not getting the joke.

  2. It may have been a fleet vehicle that was ordered “badgeless” so corporate graphics and such could be painted on it. When it was retired from fleet service, it would be painted to cover the graphics before wholesaling it. If you have a parking lot full of badgeless used vans all painted the same color ready for wholesale, it makes sense to label them so you don’t have to pop the hood or look on the door frame to see the make and model. The person who bought it probably just never removed the label.

    A company my father worked for would do exactly that with their service vans.

      1. Oh…sorry…then scratch that whole fleet vehicle thing that I said…it is most definitely aliens trying to communicate us with used vans with mailbox lettering…someone should tell the SETI people! ;-)

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