Let’s Go Maize!

[info]coco_b and I trekked out to Michigan for her brother Paul’s wedding this weekend past.  Due to some airline BS, we ended up having to fly in and out of Providence, and we hit traffic in both directions, but especially on the way down.  Once we got there though, it was a very nice way to fly.  We got to DTW and picked up our rental, we met up with Corinna’s friend Michelle in Ann Arbor and had dinner at Blue Nile.  It was delicious all-around, but their hot tea was out of control.  After dinner we headed to Corinna’s parents’ place and hung out with them for awhile before her brother Fred and 5 of his 6 kids arrived by car from Georgia.   We hung out with everyone for awhile before passing out.

We woke up first thing Saturday morning to head over to Ann Arbor to watch the Michigan Marching Band practice for the big homecoming game that day against Purdue.  Corinna was part of the band, so she was excited to see them perform, even if we were unable to catch the game.  We brought her niece along for the ride, leaving the house at something like 7 in the morning.  The band practice was really interesting, even if there were some eccentricities that took some getting used to..    For instance, to rest their lips, lungs, and cheeks, the horn sections didn’t actually play their parts for several sections of the rehearsal, instead they brought their horns to their lips and sung their parts.  The announcer, who is apparently very loved among the Michigan community sounded like a Yuk-tastic morning DJ to me, but I guess I just can’t appreciate his grandeur.  We cruised around campus for awhile before heading back to the house to get ready for the wedding.  But on the way to the house, Corinna granted me a wish and took me to lunch at DiBella’s, who’s westward expansion has taken it into Ann Arbor.  How about moving eastward, guys?

The wedding was quite a bit of fun, with a short ceremony leading to a very nice reception.  It was great only only getting to hang out with Corinna’s family members I was already acquainted with, but also meeting several more.  It was especially nice to meet


who I feel like I’ve known for years now through LiveJournal but had yet to meet.  We stayed until the very end, and other than a somewhat creepy garter/bouquet throw narration by the DJ, it was a great time.  We got back to Chelsea just in time to see the Red Sox get beat by the Indians in the 11th inning.

Sunday we just kind chilled out at the house, and in the evening, lots of people came to Chelsea for dinner.  After a great meal, Corinna and I just chatted it up with her family and their friends, and eventually helped her mother prepare rations for her brother and his kids car ride back to Georgia.  Monday morning we got up bright and early, returned the car, and flew back to Providence.  All-in-all it was a very successful trip.  It will be nice to see everyone again in a few months for the Holidays…   Renting a car was also a genius idea, as now that her parents only have one car, and it gave us some extra mobility without bothering anyone.

Ben and Aimee

Ben and Aimee
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Ben and Aimee’s wedding was this weekend. The whole affair went off pretty smoothly, but it also kept me rather busy. Everyone here at work is asking how my long weekend was, and I have to let them know that it was more of a short weekend… More accurately, it was a weekend with periods of partying punctuating a hum of stress and schlepping. But what else can you expect from a wedding… :)

and I arrived in Jersey around midnight after work on Thursday. Friday, Ben and his family (who I hadn’t met before) arrived, so we entertained them and kept the 4 dogs (two are my parents’ and two are Ben & Aimee’s) in line. Saturday was the rehearsal dinner, and so we were moving food and drinks over to the hall for a lot of that day. But once we were set up, it was great seeing all the family and friends who had come out for the wedding.

Sunday was the big day, and I was standing with Ben, which required me to get into a tuxedo for the first time in my life. The ceremony was at 11:30, but we had to get over to Bretton Woods for pictures and whatnot by 9:30. The weather held out for pretty much the whole day, although it started getting overcast after the ceremony, but we were inside at that point. Everyone seemed to have a great time.. Ben and Aimee seemed so comfortable; Television and movies have taught me that people are supposed to freak out before their wedding, but these kids had it together.

Monday was very relaxing, we spent the day on the boat and caught Superman Returns at night. That movie was fantastic… People seem rather polarized by it, but I thought it was great.

Anyway, there are tons of pics of the weekend up on Flickr, so if you care, take a gander. I also created a Flickr group for the wedding, so if you think you should have access to that drop a line to Aimee or myself.