Long time, no see….

Yeah, so I have been somewhat reclusive lately, both in real life and on this thing… After finishing up our OS2 project, I kinda just hid for awhile, it just took away alot of my energy, and it took me awhile to recover. But no, no chance to recover, I had to deal with Finals. I took 3 of my finals today (one was a take-home), and finished a extra-credit project for Data Comm… So it’s official, it is time to move on to my last quarter at RIT….. Sheesh…

Jon, Ethan, and I are leaving this hell-hole tomorrow, a few days earlier than planned. As you can read over in Jon’s journal, he talked his way out of his Monday final, so we have no reason to wait around here. It will be good to get home, and most importantly, to have some time off.

We watched Saturday Night Live, and while alot of the show was off, Weekend Update was hilarious. They finally replaced Colin Quinn… The new crew was dead-on-balls. I hope they keep it up, Weekend Update was always one of my favorite parts of SNL.

my armpits burn a bit

Yeah, it’s 5am, but our FileSystem supports files larger than 4k now…. :) I just finished up indirect inodes, so our max filesize is now limited by the size of the disk (128k).

I am working in the User Center here at CSH, so Jon doesn’t have to put up with my typing and changes in light as I switch workspaces on my desktop… All of the workstations here decided that it was time to start their cron jobs, so for awhile it was a cool little surround hard-disk crunching effect.. :)


I love when I am paining to shoehorn a solution into code when a better one just goes ‘Hey… Over Here!’. I wouldn’t say I am done, but I just thought of a way-better way to handle the inode indirection in our OS. I am going to be able to consolidate my hacks into a single location as opposed to scattered in a bunch of different places.

I guess that pretty much defines everything I love about Computer Science. To me, Computer Science is not about programming… Programming is the vehicle that allows me to solve problems. It allows me to express the solutions, and it is a vitally important part of the process, but when it comes down to it, it is all about the problems.


Took my Prob and Stat exam a few hours ago, and I probably did within 10 points of last exam (which was an 85), so i still feel good about it all. The final, however, is going to require much studying.

I have a OS2 group meeting at 5pm, and then a bunch of CS profs are coming up at 7pm to CSH for a pizza mixer type thingie. It’s the first of it’s kind (in many moons), so it should be interesting to see how it turns out. Then, after that, comes the “Lab of idiocy”….

Don’t forget one of your most important civic duties; Today is election day. If you feel so inclined (and you should), go and vote. If you don’t like any of the available candidates, write in yourself for christ’s sake. Even if you don’t care about the Presidential race, I am sure there are local issues that affect you directly.

This is gonna suck…. :)

We are going to see “Charlie’s Angels” tonight, but I don’t hold any hope that it will be a good film. If anything else, I will get to gawk at Drew Barrymore a bit (she’s real purdy).

I have spent the past few days goofing off and hacking on personal projects (like bringing OpenSSH to Be), but I am gonna need to work on our Filesystem for Operating Systems 2 and also study for a Prob & Stat exam on Tuesday…

One virtual page at a time…..

So, since I have barely had time to breathe the past few days, I figured it was time for an update. As many of you who see me often know, the past few days have really been hectic for me. As I stated in Thursday’s update, just cause your busy doesn’t mean you aren’t enjoying yourself…

So Friday was fun, Ryan and I spent most of the time between 11pm and 8am (yes, 8am) working on our VM code and page switching and swapping. He was working mostly on the swapping stuff, and I was working on scheduler modifications. We felt somewhat good when we packed it in at 8am, but unfortunately we had a group meeting in the CS Labs at noon. Only getting 3 hours of sleep was a bitch, but staying in the labs without food until 7pm was a queen bitch. At 7pm, Ryan and I returned to CSH and Jeff and Rob went home. We were all totally fried… Fortunately Ethan had some leftover pizza that he offered me so I didn’t have to go far for food. After that, I crashed for a few hours (until about 11pm). I had a bit of trouble sleeping, moslty due to my wack schedule, so I went into the lounge where a few house members had set up the LCD projector, a DTS 5.1 Digital setup and were watching U-571, which I hadn’t seen. It didn’t suck, and afterwards I had no trouble falling asleep. Did I mention I was pretty deep into a coughing illness at this point?

Sunday I woke up at 12pm, and we had a 1pm meeting in the CS labs, but I felt pretty well rested. Then Chris called wanting to talk, and I said “But I don’t have the time!”, and she asked “Did you remember to set your clock back?” Thanks to her, I now realized I had an extra hour, which afforded me the time to to grab some lunch at Schaller’s, and stop by Media Play to pick up the Rocky Horror DVD (which I think I have earned the past few days.. :P). I showed up at the labs a bit early and we stayed there coding until around 10pm… I went home and started working on my Data Comm project, which I finished around 4am (but I was watching Rocky with and without commentary in the background, so the amount of time is kinda irrelevant).

Today we met at the labs around 3pm, and we stayed there until my class at 8pm, stopping for food in the middle somewhere….

Tomorrow, I have a quiz in Prob and Stat tomorrow and we meet in the labs one last time to work out any outstanding bugs and submit our code. Man… That class is alot of work, but it rocks…


I took the Stat test today…. Pretty sure I did OK on it, but I probably would have done better if I wasn’t so sick. I had a wicked sinus headache before, so I took some DayQuil, which made me a little spacy…

I am now in the Computer Science labs waiting for a team meeting for our Operating Systems II project.

Still anxious about the interview tomorrow. I am going to be brushing up on all the sticky stuff in C and C++ tonight. I don’t expect any hardcore tech questions over the phone (I would expect that to be saved for the in-person), but it’s always good to be prepared.