Long time, no see….

Yeah, so I have been somewhat reclusive lately, both in real life and on this thing… After finishing up our OS2 project, I kinda just hid for awhile, it just took away alot of my energy, and it took me awhile to recover. But no, no chance to recover, I had to deal with Finals. I took 3 of my finals today (one was a take-home), and finished a extra-credit project for Data Comm… So it’s official, it is time to move on to my last quarter at RIT….. Sheesh…

Jon, Ethan, and I are leaving this hell-hole tomorrow, a few days earlier than planned. As you can read over in Jon’s journal, he talked his way out of his Monday final, so we have no reason to wait around here. It will be good to get home, and most importantly, to have some time off.

We watched Saturday Night Live, and while alot of the show was off, Weekend Update was hilarious. They finally replaced Colin Quinn… The new crew was dead-on-balls. I hope they keep it up, Weekend Update was always one of my favorite parts of SNL.