This is gonna suck…. :)

We are going to see “Charlie’s Angels” tonight, but I don’t hold any hope that it will be a good film. If anything else, I will get to gawk at Drew Barrymore a bit (she’s real purdy).

I have spent the past few days goofing off and hacking on personal projects (like bringing OpenSSH to Be), but I am gonna need to work on our Filesystem for Operating Systems 2 and also study for a Prob & Stat exam on Tuesday…

2 thoughts on “This is gonna suck…. :)

  1. Just got back from seeing it myself. i thought it was great. lots of good campy fun.

    And unlike every other guy in the univers, don’t like drew barrymore…

    And i was totally amazed that Tom Green was actually amusing… heh

    Lucy Liu rocks. :)

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