my armpits burn a bit

Yeah, it’s 5am, but our FileSystem supports files larger than 4k now…. :) I just finished up indirect inodes, so our max filesize is now limited by the size of the disk (128k).

I am working in the User Center here at CSH, so Jon doesn’t have to put up with my typing and changes in light as I switch workspaces on my desktop… All of the workstations here decided that it was time to start their cron jobs, so for awhile it was a cool little surround hard-disk crunching effect.. :)

One thought on “my armpits burn a bit

  1. excellent news, dude. I started working on my
    paint program last night… but i’m starting to see that it’s a much bigger project than i thought it was… time to do some designing. hehe.

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