Me == Jackass

Hawkeye has had some tar on his fenders for awhile now, and I finally purchased some tar and bug remover to get it off. The can required me to pry the lid off, a task intended for a screwdriver, but since I didn’t have any handy, and I am impatient, I chose to use a key for. And of course, I chose the tiniest, most fragile key I possessed for this task. My mail key snapped almost instantly, and we don’t have a spare… Fortunately, it was a fairly clean break and the hardware store was able to successfully copy the key. I had a spare made as well, banking on the fact that my stupidity knows no bounds.

My leg checkup the other day went as expected… Progress has been great, same ominous warnings as always (i.e. “you can’t do that much damage to your knee and not have negative repercussions later in life”, etc.) He asked to see me once a year to monitor my cartilage and joint spacing. He said that he expected it would take quite a while for this to catch up with me, and worst case if no medical advances were made in the next 10-20 years I would probably need a knee replacement. But I’ll hold out for bionic knee action or at a minimum human-animal hybrid cartilage.

This weekend will involve much laziness as well as some home improvement… In an effort to make the condo sellable/showable, and I have a list of tasks we need to take care of over the next few months… But aside from the relatively small project I picked for myself this weekend I intend on vegging out and playing some Quake 4. =)

Anniversaries out the Ass

A year ago yesterday I broke my leg! Tomorrow I’m going to see Dr. Schena for a one year checkup, which I presume will probably be my last.. It’s also just about my 2nd anniversary here at Goodrich! And this weekend was the CSH 30th anniversary! All kinds of anniversaries lately..

The 30th was great, mas kudos to everyone involved in planning it… The trip back wasn’t too bad, although it is a grinding trip no matter what way you slice it. As soon as we landed in Boston we drove over to Audra’s to watch the Oscars… Pretty predictable, although I hadn’t seen “Crash”, so I wasn’t able to place it in the categories it competed in… People seemed surprised that it won Best Picture, guess I’d better see it…. :)

Drove In

Last night , Audra, and myself made another trip to the Mendon Drive-In to see The Skeleton Key and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Skeleton Key kinda sucked… It was from that class of thrillers/horror that isn’t PARTICULARLY bad, but is so bloody mediocre that it really isn’t worth watching… I don’t want to spoil the “big surprise”, but trust me when I say you’ve seen it before. 40-Year-Old Virgin, however, was surprisingly funny. It was kind of refreshing, because recent comedies seem to try to beat you over the head with big obnoxious, raunchy, or blatant humor, while this movie was subtler. Audra described it as a romantic comedy for guys, and I don’t think that’s inaccurate.

I also noticed while moving my leg around near the boom box we were using for audio that it seemed to be effecting the reception (beyond usual human-body effects on radio reception). Not sure if this was just wishful thinking or an actual effect, but it was amusing nonetheless.

I am going to be lazy this weekend, mostly sleeping and playing video games…


It seems like ages since I posted anything here, so here’s a brief recap of the trip to Albuquerque that Coco and I just got back from. Her brother, his wife, and their six children live out there, so we were out to visit them (I had never met any of them before). I don’t plan on recapping Corinna’s post, so if you are really interested check that out.

We had a pretty decent travel experience on the way out there, no delays flying, and other than a wet passenger seat in the first car they tried to stick us with, the rental went OK. We ended up with a Explorer, which was way more than we needed and was really expensive on fuel, but whatever. Her family is cool, but I’m not really used to being around so many kids. The older three kids were pretty easy to deal with, but the younger three (aged 2 and 6 month old twins) were a handful. The two year old, Max, was cute as hell but demanded much of my attention and started moping and crying if I didn’t provide it. The babies I simply don’t know what to do with, so I tried to avoid handling them. =) There’s also the reality of trying to sleep in a household with 3 young children that I haven’t had to deal with since was growing up, which was a long time ago.

We did less of the things one would normally do while on a traditional vacation, but we still had a good time. It was mostly doing things like taking the kids to the park, to the mall, and to Peter Piper Pizza (which is a scaled-down version of Chuck E. Cheese’s). As you’d probably expect, there was a tremendously creepy guy at Peter Piper’s, and I kept an eye on him the whole time I was there until he left alone… I hear that Chuck E. Cheese’s these days give kids and parents matching bracelets and no kid can leave with an adult without the same bracelet.. I think this is a good idea that Peter Piper should steal…

Corinna mentioned that Sonic has good onion rings… This is true, but the rest of their food is tremendously mediocre. The car-hop service is cutesy but stupid, and while the food is cheap, you get what you pay for. I had no idea what to tip the car hop, so I gave her a buck, which was only like 10%.

The trip back was miserable… First things first, my leg didn’t set off the metal detector on the way back either. The first leg of our trip landed a little early, but was delayed at the gate to the point where we were within 10 minutes of missing our connection.. Of course, we get off the plane to find out our connection was delayed an hour. We grab some food, board the plane an hour late, and the plane proceeds to taxi out to some remote part of O’Hare where it sits for another 45 minutes… Once in the air, we were put into a hold over Boston, further delaying our flight… After landing, getting our luggage, and taking the T back to the apartment, Corinna and I didn’t get in until after 11pm, which sucks.

Mah Leg

I was talking to someone earlier today and I realized that I haven’t talked about the status of my leg in awhile. I’m still walking with a cane, but I’m going for longer and longer periods without it…. I’m limping, but even that isn’t as pronounced as it was a week or two ago. If I really concentrate there is almost no limp at all… My leg is still weak, though, so that is what’s causing it. I have two more weeks of physical therapy appointments and that will probably be the end of that (although I will still have to work on it on my own).

Apply evenly.

This weekend I had a little party at the family home in Hopatcong… , , Michelle, Sean and Kelly all descended on my parents house for a weekend of hanging out and chilling on the Party Barge Regency Edition. A good time was had by all, and I hope this can become a yearly event, as well as one that can be expanded a bit next year. The challenge is that the Barge can only handle about 13 people, and we need a designated driver, so I am a bit limited on the number of people that I can invite… But maybe I can work out a creative solution for that problem next year.

Made it back from NJ on Sunday in time to see Batman Begins with the Sunday Night Film Club. I really enjoyed the movie, even if parts of it were cheesy, but I think it’s time to space Katie Holmes. Fortunately, I believe she is self-destructing her career with this whole Tom Cruise beard fiasco. Unfortunately, I was really exhausted from the hectic weekend and long drive on Sunday and bailed on the post-movie festivities with the film club. I wisely asked Audra to pinch-hit as the host knowing that I might not make it back from NJ in time, so it wasn’t a dick move that I bailed on them.

My leg is slowly getting stronger… I can go longer without my cane, and I even treaded water with a lifejacket on this weekend. It’s pretty much sore all the time, but it is mostly muscle soreness that will (hopefully) go away once I get my strength built back up. I have another month before I have to visit the doctor again… I hit up the dentist yesterday, and even though I have been flossing regularly since before the new year, he still found two cavities.. One was above a crown, so I will have to ask if there is any special treatment that I should be giving that area, as it’s kinda hard to get to. The other is a tiny little cavity-let that he said hasn’t actually developed into a cavity yet, so I will get some PM on that.

I’m quite excited about the tag support added to LJ… While I don’t think I am going to go into the past to tag up my history of nearly 2,200 entries, I might tag up some of the highlights, and I will certainly tag up future entries. Which reminds me, this saturday will be the 5th anniversary of this journal.