Apply evenly.

This weekend I had a little party at the family home in Hopatcong… , , Michelle, Sean and Kelly all descended on my parents house for a weekend of hanging out and chilling on the Party Barge Regency Edition. A good time was had by all, and I hope this can become a yearly event, as well as one that can be expanded a bit next year. The challenge is that the Barge can only handle about 13 people, and we need a designated driver, so I am a bit limited on the number of people that I can invite… But maybe I can work out a creative solution for that problem next year.

Made it back from NJ on Sunday in time to see Batman Begins with the Sunday Night Film Club. I really enjoyed the movie, even if parts of it were cheesy, but I think it’s time to space Katie Holmes. Fortunately, I believe she is self-destructing her career with this whole Tom Cruise beard fiasco. Unfortunately, I was really exhausted from the hectic weekend and long drive on Sunday and bailed on the post-movie festivities with the film club. I wisely asked Audra to pinch-hit as the host knowing that I might not make it back from NJ in time, so it wasn’t a dick move that I bailed on them.

My leg is slowly getting stronger… I can go longer without my cane, and I even treaded water with a lifejacket on this weekend. It’s pretty much sore all the time, but it is mostly muscle soreness that will (hopefully) go away once I get my strength built back up. I have another month before I have to visit the doctor again… I hit up the dentist yesterday, and even though I have been flossing regularly since before the new year, he still found two cavities.. One was above a crown, so I will have to ask if there is any special treatment that I should be giving that area, as it’s kinda hard to get to. The other is a tiny little cavity-let that he said hasn’t actually developed into a cavity yet, so I will get some PM on that.

I’m quite excited about the tag support added to LJ… While I don’t think I am going to go into the past to tag up my history of nearly 2,200 entries, I might tag up some of the highlights, and I will certainly tag up future entries. Which reminds me, this saturday will be the 5th anniversary of this journal.

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  1. LJ tags make me so very happy :) I’ve gone back about 50 entries. I’m not sure how I feel about opening tagging up for others to edit.

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