Drove In

Last night , Audra, and myself made another trip to the Mendon Drive-In to see The Skeleton Key and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Skeleton Key kinda sucked… It was from that class of thrillers/horror that isn’t PARTICULARLY bad, but is so bloody mediocre that it really isn’t worth watching… I don’t want to spoil the “big surprise”, but trust me when I say you’ve seen it before. 40-Year-Old Virgin, however, was surprisingly funny. It was kind of refreshing, because recent comedies seem to try to beat you over the head with big obnoxious, raunchy, or blatant humor, while this movie was subtler. Audra described it as a romantic comedy for guys, and I don’t think that’s inaccurate.

I also noticed while moving my leg around near the boom box we were using for audio that it seemed to be effecting the reception (beyond usual human-body effects on radio reception). Not sure if this was just wishful thinking or an actual effect, but it was amusing nonetheless.

I am going to be lazy this weekend, mostly sleeping and playing video games…

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