Anniversaries out the Ass

A year ago yesterday I broke my leg! Tomorrow I’m going to see Dr. Schena for a one year checkup, which I presume will probably be my last.. It’s also just about my 2nd anniversary here at Goodrich! And this weekend was the CSH 30th anniversary! All kinds of anniversaries lately..

The 30th was great, mas kudos to everyone involved in planning it… The trip back wasn’t too bad, although it is a grinding trip no matter what way you slice it. As soon as we landed in Boston we drove over to Audra’s to watch the Oscars… Pretty predictable, although I hadn’t seen “Crash”, so I wasn’t able to place it in the categories it competed in… People seemed surprised that it won Best Picture, guess I’d better see it…. :)

One thought on “Anniversaries out the Ass

  1. Crash is the only one of the Best Picture nominees that I had actually seen. I did really like it, but thought certain parts of it were predictably preachy about racism. But once it got more into the interwoven stories of all of the characters, it was interesting/good.

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