Rochester is still Rochester

In case you were wondering, Rochester in the winter still sucks.. :) Actually, while cold and windy, it is pretty nice out today… You can actually see blue… IN THE SKY!

We’ve just been meeting up with people here yesterday and today… Went to a party last night that was fun, although I was pretty tired from waking up at 6:30am.. :P Today met up with most of the same people and more at DiBellas and then walked around campus checking it out. was finally able to check out the Library, and I got to check out the new offices of , , and Scoot. I finally got to see the sensors they’ve been working on, which was cool.. Talked to Scoot and quite a bit about the cameras and processing they do, it was very interesting.. Now that I have more imaging knowledge I felt like I could actually ask intelligent questions… :)

and I are getting ready for the banquet tonight, which is semi-formal…. Which in CSH terms means business casual, but I’m still wearing a shirt and tie. :)

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