Out to lunch

Going out for lunch with Chuck…

In case anyone wondered what the “Not sending the BMessage” problem I was having with my skinned button control… When I overrided BControl::AttachedToWindow() I forgot to invoke the original AttachedToWindow (which meant that the Target wasn’t being set as it is supposed to).

Good night

Going to bed now… I spent a few hours tonight working on the playlist editor… I solved the BPictureButton flickering bug; i stopped using BPictureButton. :) I instead wrote my own derivative of BControl that instead takes a BBitmap and gives me way more control over the whole situation (and gets rid of the silly need for the BPicture, which I still don’t quite understand).

Anyway, my “SkinButton” class works exactly like BButton except for one thing, it isn’t firing off its BMessage when it is clicked upon. I am calling Invoke() in MouseDown() as the docs tell me to… I will have to crank on it tomorrow, but I am happy with what I accomplished tonight. I think I have my GUI teeth sharpened again. :P

Time to go to peaceful slumberland now, perhaps after reading some bookage. Hopefully sleep will come easier tonight.

Talking is fun.

I spent quite awhile talking to Chris and Jared last night, which was cool. I laid some foundation and got the first button working on the playlist last night (it is the close button). One annoying thing is that the button (BPictureButton) flickers irritatingly when the window is resized, so I have to figure out what I am doing wrong there (any ideas, Soco?).

I felt like supreme shit last night, and it just got worse throughout the night. I had so much trouble sleeping, I estimate I eventually fell asleep around 5am, and I slept past noon today. The good side to that long sleep is that I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did last night, which is good. I headed out to do some health and beauty aid shopping. I needed Shampoo, Conditioner, and Razor Blades. I also got a Styptic Pencil on the recommendation of Midgetor. A year ago I never cut myself shaving (I shaved like Edward Scissorhands, just ask Rory), but something changed during that time, and I cut myself in almost the same spot every time now… I guess I am getting thin skin in my old age.

That sucks

The friends page that I integrated into my personal web page won’t show me entries done by friends who only allow their journal to be seen by friends only (because I can’t be ‘logged in’ and yank the page from the LJ servers, AFAIK).

I finished laying out the playlist plugin for SoundPlay last night, I even have the playlist placed and colored in the proper place, but I still need to make all the buttons, bells, and whistles work. One really annoying thing about the way WinAmp does playlist skins is that the buttons are all one sprite, so I have to divide the one sprite into several in code as opposed to having different sprites for each button. What a dumb thing. I also have to code a replacement for BScrollBar and BScrollView, so I can integrate the skinned scrollbar into the playlist window (it looks mighty lame with the default Be scrollbar in this mega-skinned window. :P


Ok, I really haven’t worked on any code since the last time I worked on AliveJournal (which I need to work on again). Today, I got fed up with that and started hacking again. This time, it is something which I consider substantial. I don’t use Winamp skins with SoundPlay, mostly because I like the way the BeOS native interface looks. But every time I have toyed with the idea, it really bothered me that the playlist skins were not supported. So that is what I am doing, and it is fun and I am learning and relearning alot about BeOS programming again.

Meeting my mother and grandparents for lunch tomorrow, which should be interesting..