That sucks

The friends page that I integrated into my personal web page won’t show me entries done by friends who only allow their journal to be seen by friends only (because I can’t be ‘logged in’ and yank the page from the LJ servers, AFAIK).

I finished laying out the playlist plugin for SoundPlay last night, I even have the playlist placed and colored in the proper place, but I still need to make all the buttons, bells, and whistles work. One really annoying thing about the way WinAmp does playlist skins is that the buttons are all one sprite, so I have to divide the one sprite into several in code as opposed to having different sprites for each button. What a dumb thing. I also have to code a replacement for BScrollBar and BScrollView, so I can integrate the skinned scrollbar into the playlist window (it looks mighty lame with the default Be scrollbar in this mega-skinned window. :P

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