Talking is fun.

I spent quite awhile talking to Chris and Jared last night, which was cool. I laid some foundation and got the first button working on the playlist last night (it is the close button). One annoying thing is that the button (BPictureButton) flickers irritatingly when the window is resized, so I have to figure out what I am doing wrong there (any ideas, Soco?).

I felt like supreme shit last night, and it just got worse throughout the night. I had so much trouble sleeping, I estimate I eventually fell asleep around 5am, and I slept past noon today. The good side to that long sleep is that I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did last night, which is good. I headed out to do some health and beauty aid shopping. I needed Shampoo, Conditioner, and Razor Blades. I also got a Styptic Pencil on the recommendation of Midgetor. A year ago I never cut myself shaving (I shaved like Edward Scissorhands, just ask Rory), but something changed during that time, and I cut myself in almost the same spot every time now… I guess I am getting thin skin in my old age.


Chuck is coming over in a minute and we are going to grab some lunch. I just jumped out of the shower, after talking with Chris for a decent clip this morning. (sometimes I don’t know why she puts up with me some days [and vice-verse, of course]). Going to play some pool tonight with Chuck and potentially some other people, as yet undetermined, and we might end up at a diner afterwards to hang out with James

Taking the dog to the vet was a hellish experience yesterday. She is smart enough to know that shots suck. :)

My sister, Aimee, surprised me with some Samoas, which is something someone was unable to accomplish in Rochester. See, New Jersey is a great place… :)