Chuck is coming over in a minute and we are going to grab some lunch. I just jumped out of the shower, after talking with Chris for a decent clip this morning. (sometimes I don’t know why she puts up with me some days [and vice-verse, of course]). Going to play some pool tonight with Chuck and potentially some other people, as yet undetermined, and we might end up at a diner afterwards to hang out with James

Taking the dog to the vet was a hellish experience yesterday. She is smart enough to know that shots suck. :)

My sister, Aimee, surprised me with some Samoas, which is something someone was unable to accomplish in Rochester. See, New Jersey is a great place… :)

I hate people.

My cute little doggie was attacked by a pitbull yesterday while my dog was out in the back yard on it’s run. The dog belongs to one of my neighbors, who decided that they didn’t need to leash their dog. The pitbull latched onto my dog’s neck for a good 3 minutes, but fortunately my dog has quite a bit of spare skin, so the pitbull didn’t hit anything vital (he didn’t even break the skin, actually).

My dog is up to date on rabies, but the vet recommended that she go in for a booster, so that is what I am doing today.