Good night

Going to bed now… I spent a few hours tonight working on the playlist editor… I solved the BPictureButton flickering bug; i stopped using BPictureButton. :) I instead wrote my own derivative of BControl that instead takes a BBitmap and gives me way more control over the whole situation (and gets rid of the silly need for the BPicture, which I still don’t quite understand).

Anyway, my “SkinButton” class works exactly like BButton except for one thing, it isn’t firing off its BMessage when it is clicked upon. I am calling Invoke() in MouseDown() as the docs tell me to… I will have to crank on it tomorrow, but I am happy with what I accomplished tonight. I think I have my GUI teeth sharpened again. :P

Time to go to peaceful slumberland now, perhaps after reading some bookage. Hopefully sleep will come easier tonight.

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