Hi, I’ve got a tape I wanna play

I did something I haven’t done in a long time last night: fell asleep with the television on. But that’s OK, and it might have been a semi-consious decision, because I had Stop Making Sense in. I learned something interesting about that disc last night: It loops all on it’s lonesome. I woke up, it was still on, so I figured I was asleep for less than 2 hours. I finally looked at a clock, and it had been 5 hours.

It also seems that I am more likely to wake up to Once in a Lifetime than any other song (3 times).

Did you ever wake up and feel like you couldn’t move?


I got a great night’s sleep last night, for a change… I haven’t exactly gotten one of those in awhile, and it was very refreshing to not only be able to go to bed early-ish, but to also be able to sleep without interruption (for the most part) until I felt like getting up. I needed that… :)

There are lots of projects I want to work on for various reasons, but unfortunately this week is going to be mostly devoted to my Calculus exam on Thursday… On top of that, the asswipe will be giving us a quiz today! The thing that really, really, bothers me about this guy is this: He goes over a topic in class, and we have homework for that topic (he gave us all the homework for the quarter back in the beginning). The next time the class meets, he will go over any problems that students request from the homework, which is good. The bad thing is, however, that he also gives a quiz on the material the homework covered on the same day, so that if we did have trouble with the homework, we really don’t have a chance to go back and regroup… Grrr…

Anyway, I am gonna go grab some chow soon….


I fell asleep around 2am last night…. I was in a total coma until about 5am, when I woke up to excruciating pain in my right arm. I tried to will myself out of it, but that didn’t work. I kinda hoped it would go away until 6am, when I finally got up for some drugs.

Luckily, my mother (Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy) was already awake (seeing my sister Larissa off to her last day of class), and she prescribed some Motrin and a heating pad, which eventually did the trick, and I passed back out… I woke up today around 11:30a, and my arm is fine now… Bizarre..

midmorning grogginess turned into total lack of productivity

I was this (-> <-) close from sleeping through class after my alarm went off... I layed in bed until 7:30a, which is when I finally gathered the motivation to drag my ass out of bed, tossed on some clothes, brushed my teeth, and ran to class. I actually got to class 5 minutes early, which afforded me enough time to go downstairs to the vending machines and grab a beverage. I got back, touched my usual sites and read my mail. I just got out of the shower, and was thinking about going back to bed, but I think I have decided against that. There is a party tonight celebrating Trouble's birthday, and I will probably go to that, because I haven't gotten to hang out with her much lately (cause I always talk my way out of going out with her). Stomach is growling... I will probably wait around until my roommate wakes up from his childlike slumber... My guess is that I have already woken him up and he is just trying to scrounge up a few more winks before giving in... I feel bad for having this 8am class, but there was nothing I could do about it... And it isn't like he hasn't woken me up before.. Normally I am the one with later classes. :P