Hi, I’ve got a tape I wanna play

I did something I haven’t done in a long time last night: fell asleep with the television on. But that’s OK, and it might have been a semi-consious decision, because I had Stop Making Sense in. I learned something interesting about that disc last night: It loops all on it’s lonesome. I woke up, it was still on, so I figured I was asleep for less than 2 hours. I finally looked at a clock, and it had been 5 hours.

It also seems that I am more likely to wake up to Once in a Lifetime than any other song (3 times).

Did you ever wake up and feel like you couldn’t move?

2 thoughts on “Hi, I’ve got a tape I wanna play

  1. Sleep paralysis. It’s common, and very frightening. Some people are still seeing things from their dreamworld in this state. people report this as alien abductions sometimes.

    1. I wasn’t really scared by it… More intrigued… The only problem I had with it was it took me a while to be coordinated once I was up and moving again…. For about 10 minutes I was staggering around the house trying to get my day going.

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