I got a great night’s sleep last night, for a change… I haven’t exactly gotten one of those in awhile, and it was very refreshing to not only be able to go to bed early-ish, but to also be able to sleep without interruption (for the most part) until I felt like getting up. I needed that… :)

There are lots of projects I want to work on for various reasons, but unfortunately this week is going to be mostly devoted to my Calculus exam on Thursday… On top of that, the asswipe will be giving us a quiz today! The thing that really, really, bothers me about this guy is this: He goes over a topic in class, and we have homework for that topic (he gave us all the homework for the quarter back in the beginning). The next time the class meets, he will go over any problems that students request from the homework, which is good. The bad thing is, however, that he also gives a quiz on the material the homework covered on the same day, so that if we did have trouble with the homework, we really don’t have a chance to go back and regroup… Grrr…

Anyway, I am gonna go grab some chow soon….

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