Awesome Allergy Warnings

Awesome Allergy Warnings
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Geoff at work found this awesome allergy warning on the wrapper of one of the candies my company gave out in our Halloween goodie bags:

“This product contains Tartrazina Colouring (E-102) that can cause alergical reactions in sensible people”

I was also fond of “On Rare Occasions This Product May Contain Gluten”. If you’re allergic to Gluten, are you going to play Russian Roulette?

Huge Halloween

Last night I got home from work after stopping by CVS to get some candy for the trick or treaters.  I put out the pumpkin I carved the night before and also dug some Halloween decorations out from the basement.  Quickly, the kid Frankie came from across the street dressed as a young Padawan. 

He was our only trick or treater.


Total Insanity

This weekend was totally out of control… 

and I left for the annual Halloween Party in Dryden, NY after work on Thursday…  We made pretty good time, and listened to Game 2 of the World Series on the radio during the trip..  It was the first time I had listened to baseball on the radio, and I was surprised as to how easy it was to follow the game.  I look forward to being able to listen to games on Sirius after the merger during future trips.  We went straight to the Bed and Breakfast across the street from the Hammond/Gunther (or, as I have dubbed them, The Hamsters) household.  We saw the last inning of the game, and Corinna went to bed.  I joined the party across the street and stayed up far too late.   The weekend is a blur…  I actually even had a costume this year, it only took me 5 years to actually dress up for the big Halloween party.  There was a pig roast.   There were abandoned buildings.  There was

who is beginning his slow reign of the human race.

Sunday, after the long drive back to Boston, we settled in to watch what became the final game of the 2007 World Series.  I don’t know if it was because of my lack of sleep, but it was a real nail biter for me…  I was so completely shredded after the game that I nearly passed out.

I finally have a Mac at work.  This is a wonderful thing, but it will be awhile before I can really adopt it as my new machine as I am really busy on some contract work (i.e. the kind with really firm deadlines we have to deliver on) for the next few weeks.

Halloween 2006

This year’s Halloween Party at Sean & Kelly’s was as awesome as ever.  It’s always great to be able to able to see so many of my friends since we’ve all scattered away from Rochester.  This year’s party was a bit different than years past, with Master

now present and accounted for.  Other friends of Sean and Kelly’s brought a young child as well, so a “Swear Jar” was instituted (the proceeds of which go to christmas presents for the children who we damaged).  At the end of the party, I believe there was nearly $90 in the jar (with the typical “fine” being $1).  Not too bad for a bunch of foul-mouthed drunks…

created the above time-lapse video of the party, starting Thursday night (before

and I arrived) and continuing until Sunday morning when people began to depart.  I believe he said that he kept 1 out of every 400 frames, which (if my math is correct, is one frame every 13.3 seconds or so).  You’ll see the perspective change as we moved the camera on Friday morning to a corner-mount on the wall.  I don’t know how much work he put in to preparing for this, but it went off without a hitch.  Yesterday he put up all the raw DV files up on a server, as well as a ~100MB WMV “rough-cut” just so people didn’t have to download a few gigs of DV.  Anyway, I downloaded it all yesterday and cut together a version to stick up on YouTube as well as burn to a DVD.  Other than the “title cards”, everything else you see is Adam’s (all the “real” work).

Hooray for Everything!

This weekend in Dryden at Sean & Kelly’s Halloween Bash was awesome… It was great to see everyone again and actually be able to spend some time with them… We (Me, , , , and ) rolled into town around midnight and there were already a bunch of people there… We hung out until like 4am and then drove down the street to the hotel.. The next few days were filled with tree felling (two this year, although I didn’t participate much as my anxiety took over), WiFi liberating, drunken singing and dancing, and cooking.. It was an awesome time.

Last night I caught The Dresden Dolls at Avalon.. I have been trying to see this band for years now, and every time I have had the opportunity it has been screwed up (one time I forgot about the show, a few times I’ve been travelling, etc). They did open for Nine Inch Nails earlier this year, but the sound was off and the crowd wasn’t that into them.. Plus it was a sit-down show, which was convienient at the time because I was on crutches, but a rock show shouldn’t have chairs.

Anyway, last night’s show was a blast, although I could have done without some of the opening acts…. The Dolls rocked the house, playing old and new material and a bunch of covers. Amanda even played drums while Brian played guitar for a cover of “I Love Rock & Roll” by Joan Jett. The new songs were great, and I’m looking forward to their new album, whenever that comes out. The highlight of the night, however, was their encore, when they came out dressed as The White Stripes.. Amanda was dressed as Jack White and Brian as Meg White and they played “My Doorbell”… It was hysterical… I left before the encores were done as it was getting close to last call on the subway, but it was a great night out..

Halloween Party 2005 Trip Playlist

Here’s what we listened to on the trip to and from Dryden, NY this weekend. We assembled this on the iPod in the car.. I selected most of the songs, and when I was driving on the last leg of the return trip took over (His choices start with “Paul Revere”)..

Track Name Artist Album Length
Vanilla Ice Cream Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 3:10
Baby Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 3:30
Halloween Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:46
Love Song Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 1:23
Craig Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 3:33
Beelz Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:54
Albino Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 1:52
Mixer At Delta Chi Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:06
Little Tiny Moustache Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 3:40
Pierre Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:01
Whittlin’ Man Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:51
Classic Rock Tune Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 2:12
Not Home Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 1:15
Voice In My Head Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 4:09
D&D Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine 4:26
Dr. Stephen Stephen Lynch Superhero 2:11
Talk To Me Stephen Lynch Live at the El Ray 3:44
Grandfather Stephen Lynch Live at the El Ray 2:50
She Gotta Smile Stephen Lynch Live at the El Ray 4:15
Best Friends Song Stephen Lynch Live at the El Ray 2:26
Lullaby (Live) Stephen Lynch Superhero 8:21
Walken III Stephen Lynch A Little Bit Special 0:45
Breakfast Club (Feat. Murs & Supernatural) DJ Z-Trip Shifting Gears (Advance) 4:53
The Humpty Dance Digital Underground Sex Packets 6:30
Oh Word? The Beastie Boys To The 5 Boroughs 2:59
Latch Key Kids Bad Religion 80-85 1:43
54 Cymru Beats Aphex Twin drukqs (Disc 2) 6:06
Casting Out the Nines Dub Trio Exploring the Dangers Of 5:44
Acid Again Meat Beat Manifesto Actual Sounds + Voices 5:47
Closer (Precursor) Nine Inch Nails Closer – Further Away 7:15
GhettoMusick Outkast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below 3:56
Mr. Grieves Pixies, The Doolittle 2:05
Rebel Without a Pause Public Enemy Power to the People and the Beats – Public Enemy’s Greatest Hits 4:18
The Power of Equality Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 4:02
Beers, Steers + Queers Revolting Cocks Beers Steers + Queers 6:03
My Adidas Run D.M.C. Raising Hell 2:47
Rockaway Beach The Ramones Anthology (Disc 1) 2:08
There is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths Amy’s Mix 4:03
Come On My Selector Squarepusher Big Loada 3:27
Rock and Roll Creation Spinal Tap This Is Spinal Tap 4:08
Tribute Tenacious D Tenacious D 4:08
American Girl Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits 3:32
Pork Roll Egg and Cheese Ween Live in Chicago 2:30
Vertigo U2 How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 3:16
Christiansands Tricky Pre-Millennium Tension 3:51
Laredo Tomahawk Tomahawk 4:16
Jerk-Off Tool Opiate 4:24
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) Tom Waits Small Change 3:40
Rocky Raccoon The Beatles The White Album (Disc 1) 3:32
GHETTOCHIP MALFUNCTION (Hell Yes) Beck Hell Yes – EP 2:42
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Bloodhound Gang Foxtrot – Single 2:52
Unemployed Black Astronaut Busdriver Fear of a Black Tangent 4:00
Take The Skinheads Bowling Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory 2:32
Let’s Push Things Forward The Streets Original Pirate Material 3:49
Squeeze Me Macaroni Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle 5:38
Stagger Lee Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Murder Ballads 5:15
Ramble On Led Zeppelin Box Set Disc I 4:23
Peggy Sue Buddy Holly Buddy Holly 2:32
This Is Radio Clash The Clash The Story Of The Clash, Volume 1, Disc 1 4:10
Life On Mars? David Bowie Hunky Dory 3:54
Me Myself And I De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising 3:50
It’s Oh So Quiet Björk Post 3:38
Stuart Dead Milkmen Beelzebubba 2:20
Good Beat Deee-Lite WORLD CLIQUE 4:39
Armageddon It Def Leppard Hysteria 5:24
Radio Radio Elvis Costello & The Attractions The Very Best of… 3:08
My Red Hot Car Squarepusher Go Plastic 4:42
808 State – Flow Coma (120 bpm) AFX 2 Remixes by AFX 4:59
Debra Beck Midnite Vultures 13:46
You’re On Fire Grand Buffet Sparkle Classic 3:25
This Fire Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand 4:14
Everything’s Ruined Faith No More Angel Dust 4:33
Unsung Helmet Meantime 3:57
Mr. Brownstone Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction 3:48
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 5:40
Highway ’61 Revisited PJ Harvey Rid of Me 2:57
(New Wave) Polly Nirvana Incesticide 1:48
You Are My Sunshine Mose Allison The Mose Chronicles – Live in London, Vol. 1 3:17
Strange Powers The Magnetic Fields Holiday 2:41
Citysong Luscious Jackson Natural Ingredients 4:21
Sound of Da Police KRS-One A Restrospective 4:18
catstep/my kitten/catnip vatstep dsp remix by hrvatski kid606 down with the scene 6:00
What a Wonderful World Joey Ramone Don’t Worry About Me 2:23
Mountain Song Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking 4:03
Things Can Only Get Better Howard Jones Howard Jones: Best Of 3:57
High Fidelity Elvis Costello & The Attractions The Very Best of… 2:29
Bitchin’ Camaro Dead Milkmen Big Lizard In My Backyard 3:01
Ashes To Ashes David Bowie Changesbowie 4:25
Nazi Punks Fuck Off Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters · In God We Trust Inc. 1:03
Policy of Truth Depeche Mode Violator 4:55
Boyz in the Hood Dynamite Hack 3:02
Coin- Operated Boy The Dresden Dolls The Dresden Dolls 4:46
Car Song Elastica Elastica 2:24
No Secrets No Surprises Jack Dangers Variaciones Espectrales 4:58
A Drug Against War KMFDM Angst 3:43
Book of the Month Lovage Music To Make Love To You Old Lady By 4:28
Rock with You Michael Jackson Number Ones 3:40
Everyone I Have Ever Slept With Momus The Little Red Songbook 2:42
Shoplifters of the World Unite The Smiths Amy’s Mix 2:58
For the Ladies Stephen Lynch Superhero 1:24
The House Is Rockin’ Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Greatest Hits 2:24
Love -> Building On Fire Talking Heads The Name of This Band is Talking Heads (Disc 1) 3:47
America, Fuck Yeah Team America Team America – World Police 2:07
I Play It Off Legit Ween Pure Guava 3:20
Blue Orchid White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan 2:37
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da The Police Every Breath You Take – The Classics 4:07
No Business Negativland No Business 4:13
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond Brother Love’s Traveling Salva 3:19
Pleasant Valley Sunday (single version) Monkees, The Greatest Hits 3:11
Ich Bin Ein Auslander Pop Will Eat Itself Dos Dedos Mis Amigos 3:59
Debaser Pixies, The Doolittle 2:53
Supernaut (Trent Reznor Vocal Version) 1000 Homo DJs WaxTrax! Black Box: The First 13 Years (Disc 1) 6:39
Them Bones Alice in Chains Music Bank 2:29
The Ballad of Chasey Lain Bloodhound Gang Hooray for Boobies 2:21
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper Twelve Deadly Cyns …And Then Some 4:01
Moosebumps Dr. Octagon Instrumentalyst 1:47
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John Elton John: Greatest Hits 3:14
Pocket Calculator Kraftwerk Computer World 4:58
Paul Revere Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill 3:41
Naked Eye Luscious Jackson Fever In Fever Out 4:40
Another One Bites The Dust Queen Greatest Hits 3:37
Santeria Sublime My Best of Sublime 3:03
No One Else Weezer Weezer 3:04
Breaking the Girl Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 4:55
About A Girl Nirvana Unplugged in New York 3:37
If You Live Mose Allison Greatest Hits 2:34
Been Caught Stealing Jane’s Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual 3:34
Sweet Child o’ Mine Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction 5:56
Possibly Maybe Björk Post 5:06
La La Love You Pixies, The Doolittle 2:43
Toll Booth Willie Adam Sandler They’re All Gonna Laugh At You 3:48
At The Heart Of It All (Aphex Twin remix) Nine Inch Nails Further Down The Spiral 7:14
Enjoy the Silence Depeche Mode Violator 6:12
Human Behavior Björk Debut 4:12
Let’s Dance David Bowie Changesbowie 4:10