7 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen on Halloween

  1. That was awesome! I still can’t seem to find the name of the special. Last year I scanned all the TV stations around halloween hoping to catch it airing. Memories…

  2. Let’s see…4 minutes 23 seconds, at my current pre-tax hourly rate…I figure you owe me $1.24 for that portion of my life that I will never get back.

    That was completely awful! :)

  3. Excuse me, Mr. Curry? Mr. Cur–Tim. Can I call you tha–Tim, TIM! IT’S FUCKING NOVEMEBER SECOND. The Halloween Party ended three days ago. Since then you’ve been tearing apart my living room eating sheets of acid while banging on that fucking tambourine.

    Now, it’s only because I’m such a fan of your work that–Tim, please stop singing. Yes, anything can happen on Halloween, I know. It’s about all you’ve coherently said in 24 hours. Tim, you’re starting to scare the neighbors.

    As I was saying, it’s because I am such a fan that I’ve allowed it to continue, but now I’m going to have to ask you to trade that dirty bedsheet–yes, I know it’s your cape–for a set of street clothes. Leave my house or I’m going to call the authorities.

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