Halloween 2006

This year’s Halloween Party at Sean & Kelly’s was as awesome as ever.  It’s always great to be able to able to see so many of my friends since we’ve all scattered away from Rochester.  This year’s party was a bit different than years past, with Master

now present and accounted for.  Other friends of Sean and Kelly’s brought a young child as well, so a “Swear Jar” was instituted (the proceeds of which go to christmas presents for the children who we damaged).  At the end of the party, I believe there was nearly $90 in the jar (with the typical “fine” being $1).  Not too bad for a bunch of foul-mouthed drunks…

created the above time-lapse video of the party, starting Thursday night (before

and I arrived) and continuing until Sunday morning when people began to depart.  I believe he said that he kept 1 out of every 400 frames, which (if my math is correct, is one frame every 13.3 seconds or so).  You’ll see the perspective change as we moved the camera on Friday morning to a corner-mount on the wall.  I don’t know how much work he put in to preparing for this, but it went off without a hitch.  Yesterday he put up all the raw DV files up on a server, as well as a ~100MB WMV “rough-cut” just so people didn’t have to download a few gigs of DV.  Anyway, I downloaded it all yesterday and cut together a version to stick up on YouTube as well as burn to a DVD.  Other than the “title cards”, everything else you see is Adam’s (all the “real” work).

5 thoughts on “Halloween 2006

    1. I didn’t take any pics, but there were definitely cameras snapping…

      It’d be really cool if you could try and make it next year (even though I know that’s a tall order)…

      1. I’d love to make it next year. Hell, I’d love to invade Boston for that matter, seeing as–and I’m ashamed to admit this–I’ve never been there.

        At this point, however, any travel during 2007 depends on multiple factors, not a one of which can be predicted a year into the future.

        I’ll make it there eventually.

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