Go Jersey!

Go Jersey!

TRENTON, Oct. 25 — The New Jersey Supreme Court may have conferred the rights of married couples to same-sex partners in a long-awaited decision on Wednesday, but it also made it clear that the fight for gay marriage did not end with its decision.

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    1. I actually have a very different philosophy…

      The whole debate is that somewhere along the line the religious concept of Marriage became conflated with a bunch of social benefits (hospital visitation, joint filing of taxes, etc).

      Some states have taken the approach of creating an “alternative” to marriage, namely Civil Unions, to give same-sex couples “all” of the benefits of marriage without pissing off those who believe marriage is for opposite-sex couples.

      The problem with this is that civil unions aren’t recognized by the federal government, and there isn’t necessarily interstate recognition either.

      In my mind, the government (federal and state) should get out of the marriage business altogether. From now on, if you want the social benefits currently associated with marriage, you go to the state, and obtain a civil union. The mechanics of this would be much like obtaining a marriage license now…

      If you want the religious concept of marriage, you go to your church and have them marry you. A marriage has NOTHING to do with the government, and you will not get ANY social benefits unless you also obtain a civil union from the state.

      1. I’d have to agree with you, but unfortunetly the government’s control of marraige doesn’t seem to be loosening anytime soon. The only thing I am worried about is a “seperate but equal” civil union which is just insulting, and adds to the complication of interstate travel for homosexual couples. I don’t think “the gays” are clamoring for religious recognition, hell the Uni church down the street with perform the ceremony for homosexuals, I don’t think anyone expects or wants the Pope to marry away gay couples.

        1. Oh, my view was definitely an idealistic one… I don’t want ANY religion in my government (in my ideal world, there is no religion.. :P)…

          I just worry that my plan is just as unlikely as federal gay marriage.. :(

          1. I feel the same way that you do, but I think we may see federally-recognized gay marriage in our lifetimes. Certainly more likely than the government getting out of the marriage business in my lifetime. ..and way more probably than there being no religion in my lifetime. ;-)

            And yes, a big “yay” to NJ!

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