Awesome Allergy Warnings

Awesome Allergy Warnings
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Geoff at work found this awesome allergy warning on the wrapper of one of the candies my company gave out in our Halloween goodie bags:

“This product contains Tartrazina Colouring (E-102) that can cause alergical reactions in sensible people”

I was also fond of “On Rare Occasions This Product May Contain Gluten”. If you’re allergic to Gluten, are you going to play Russian Roulette?


I was listening to This Week In Tech on the way into work this morning and they had Lawrence Lessig on the show this week. He was talking up Creative Commons and at one point he used the word “necessarily”. It made me realize that I almost never hear that word in the positive.. People often say things like “Well it’s not necessarily that way”, but until hearing Lawrence talk today I am now not sure if I have ever heard someone use it in the positive (“But you [read a book] on a digital network, it necessarily produces a copy, it necessarily triggers copyright laws…”).

Am I crazy?