Expanding Platform

Last night, while watching the Red Sox eviscerate the Rockies, I developed a few more pieces of my campaign platform:

  1. The original, Tacos at Fenway;  featuring Tacoby Shellsbury
  2. During the postseason, when the Red Sox are playing away, fans can get into Fenway on the cheap and watch the game on the big screen, surrounded by other fans.
  3. Cleat Babes.  I saw some old dude brushing the dirt out of Beckett’s cleats while he was waiting to pitch again.  Get rid of the old dude, replace him with a hotchick.

Tacoby Shellsbury

I’m planning on running for President of Red Sox Nation next year (Update: Or not.. What is the term of RSN President, anyway?), and my platform is a simple one:  Tacos at Fenway Park.  Think about it, how awesome would it be to yell out "HEY TACO GUY" and have a few hard shells tossed your way?  To me, it sounds like heaven.  It would complete the Fenway experience..    In preparation for my run, I’ve held a few TACOSOX events at my house, where we make lots of tacos and watch the Red Sox.  It has been a major hit!

Further validating my theory that Fenway is severly taco-deprived:  Lowell and Pedroia brought tacos to fans camping out for tickets.

Oh, and my campaign mascot?  An Anthropomorphised taco named "Tacoby Shellsbury".  That is all.